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What We Do


The MassBay Marketing and Institutional Communications Department works to enhance the College brand and increase enrollment in our degree and certificate programs. We design and produce marketing materials, maintain the website, publicize news and events through traditional and social media, run digital and outdoor advertising campaigns, schedule and support events, and much more. Below are resources to enable MassBay staff can create their own materials while adhering to the brand.

Brand Guidelines



60th Anniversary Logos and Templates




To download a logo, right-click or Control-click the image of the logo, and choose Save Image As… from the pop-up menu.


Pennant logo is an image, with the triangle on the right backed by a transparent background. I placed it on the blue back so you could see the triangle on the white page. When you download it, it will have transparent backing. It is not an SVG, and it will pop right in to any vendor website that you create. Please send this logo to any vendor who is affiliated with MassBay Community College and uses the MassBay logo on their portal website. If there is an awkward blue and green logo in a rectangle, from a print document, slapped on a related website, users may fear that the website is a spoof website and not trust it, then they will not enter their personal information. Please message Wendy Walsh, the MassBay web developer and web designer, if you have any difficulties.


MassBay Blue and Green Logo with white pennant behind it.


For a .EPS or .AI file, contact



Download Flyer Templates:

Left-aligned - photo, time, date

Center-aligned - photo, time, date

Left-aligned - blue bar, more text

Download MassBay PowerPoint Presentation Template:



Download Report Template:


Who We Are


Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Marketing, and Communications
Jeremy Solomon

Associate Director of Public Relations
Liz Cooper

Manager of Special Events
Jessica Merisier

Graphic Designer
Nate Principato

Web Developer (and web designer)
Wendy Walsh

Marketing Project Manager
Deni Budd

How to Request Support


As of July 2019, we are using the FMX ticket system to manage all Marketing and Communications requests, so the team can receive, prioritize and track all projects in an organized manner. Please read the brief FMX & project-specific instructions below and use the button below to submit a project ticket. 

If you have any questions about the new system or process, please email


Project-Specific Instructions

So the Marketing department can best support you, we ask that you please follow the guidelines below.

NOTE: If you have an idea for a brand-new project or significant updates to a current project, we recommend you schedule a brief conversation with us to talk through the strategy, budget and timing. Also, please contact us if you have grant funding for marketing activities, so we can work with you to develop a plan for the budget you have available. 

Marketing materials (posters, fliers, postcards, brochures, etc.)

Our Deadline: for a new item, 2-3 weeks before you need it; updating a previous item will take less time (Note that off-site printing takes at least 1 week.) 

What we need: Please attach text in a Word document (NOTE: Per the brand guidelines, all text must be final and approved). In the Description box, please provide all instructions including if the project needs to be printed externally, and if you plan to mail the materials (and need asssitance with the mailing). We can obtain a quote for you from the printer/mailshop; we also are able to purchase mailing lists.

Press releases

Our Deadline: as much time as possible before an event or announcement (minimum 2 weeks)

What we need: In the Description box, please include why the event or announcement is newsworthy, all of the necessary details, the best contact person and their information, as well as additional people (students, partners, funders, etc.) who should be interviewed. You also can attach relevant photos.

Social media posts

Our Deadline: 1-2 weeks if publicizing an event; if sharing news or event photos, send as soon as possible

What we need: In the Description box, please provide all necessary details as well as content for the post such as: photo/video or other graphic, any website, relevant hashtags, any person or organization we should tag.

Web pages

Our Deadline: 1-2 weeks before you would like it to go live

What we need: If updating a current page, please provide the page URL in the Description box, and attach a Word document with new text or text changes clearly outlined. (NOTE: Per the brand guidelines, all text must be final and approved). You also can attach relevant photos. If you need a new page or section created, please schedule a meeting with Brianne to talk through the specifics.

Plasma slides

Our Deadline: Thursdays by 4pm for Friday posting

What we need: In the Description box, please include the specific text for the slide. You also can submit your own Power Point slide for us to upload and/or relevant photos.

MassBay-Branded items (aka “swag”)

Our Deadline: as soon as possible, since the items are kept off-site or will need to be ordered

What we need: We keep a limited number of items on hand, with priority given to items needed for prospective and current students. If you need a significant quantity or specific items, we will need to place an order through our vendor.