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MassBay Marketing & Communications


We need your cooperation to ensure we maintain a strong and consistent brand for MassBay Community College through our website, social media, press releases, and marketing materials.

Brand Guidelines


MassBay Brand Guidelines



Word DOC WITH BLUE and GREEN MassBay LOGO WORD DOC WITH white MassBay LoGO MassBay Logo Large Blue Green PDF

Flyer Templates


Left-aligned - photo, time, date

Center-aligned - photo, time, date

Left-aligned - blue bar, more text

What We Do


We are here to support your efforts with reaching out to the MassBay community and beyond by keeping web pages up to date, publicizing news and events, sharing information on social media, designing and producing marketing materials, planning and executing special events, and much more. We request that you please follow the guidelines below for best results.

How to Request Support


Social media event promotion

Our Deadline: 1-2 weeks before the event

What we need: What do you want the audience to know; time & place of event, what is the call to action.

Things to include for the best results: Photo/video/or other graphic, link to website for more information, any hashtags for the event, or anyone we should tag in the post.

Marketing materials (posters, fliers, postcards, brochures, etc.)

Our Deadline: 2-3 weeks before you need them

What we need: Name/title of event, time & date of the event, where the event is taking place, what the is event about, any website to register or for more information, images. Provide quantity and deadline for printed materials.

Advisory, press release, and media outreach

Our Deadline: 1-2 weeks in advance

What we need: Name/title of event, time & date of the event, event location, event description, any background information, why is this newsworthy, who is the contact/contact information.

Plasma promotion

Our Deadline: Thursdays by 4pm, for Friday posting

What we need: Name of the event, time & date of the event, event location, event description, event contact, any call to action.


Our Deadline: 1-2 weeks before you would like it to go live

What we need: The specific webpage, the information that needs to be added or deleted, request for a new page or section. Attach images and provide text in a Word document.


Please send all marketing requests to the Marketing department email address,, so there is a written record, and the team can prioritize and track the projects in an organized manner. Please include all text, images, and video and websites in the email.



Our Deadline: As soon as possible

What we need: Name of the event, time & date of the event, what type of room set up will you need, what technology will you need for this event, details on the event; all information needs to be entered into the R25 Calendar system. Please use the links below:

Reserve a Room in 25Live

25Live →

Who We Are

Director of Marketing and Institutional Communications
Brianne Miers

Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications
Liz Cooper

Manager of Special Events
Amanda Levasseur

Graphic Designer
Nate Principato

Web Developer (and web designer)
Wendy Walsh

Marketing and IT Coordinator
Deni Budd

Publications and Resources


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