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FAFSA Assistance

Do you need FAFSA Assistance?

Please consider contacting FAFSA directly for assistance with application questions, FSA ID issues, and FASFA updates and corrections.  We strongly encourage all students and parents to contact FAFSA directly FIRST. They have three methods for you to seek assistance, phone, email and a web-based chat feature! So, please start here first, as most of the time your issues will be resolved by working with them directly.

Also, please be aware that the MassBay Financial Aid Office Staff does not have access to assist students and parents with FSA ID issues. So, if you’re experiencing challenges in this area, ALWAYS contact FAFSA directly.

Their service hours are exceptional, and serve students and families:
Monday–Friday 8am–12am EST
Saturday 8am–5pm EST
Sunday 12pm–6pm EST

To Review:

You Have Three Options to Consider in Contacting FAFSA Directly:

PHONE: 800-433-3243



We are also fortunate that two community organizations that want to assist our students in the financial aid process. MassBay has had many students and families assisted by these reputable community organizations. We have provided their contact information below. However, due to COVID19, it is entirely possible the method in which they deliver their assistance has changed. We suggest you call or email them to find out how best they can assist you.

Boston Area Educational Opportunity Center


PHONE:  617-536-0200


MetroWest College Planning Center


PHONE: 508-215-5600