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Coronavirus Updates and Resources

MassBay COVID-19 Information


Updated May 21, 2021

Anyone in the MassBay community who tests positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 must contact the MassBay Office of Public Safety immediately at 781-239-2222. Also, if you are feeling sick DO NOT come to campus.

Courses for the Summer 2021 semester are being offered nearly exclusively online or remotely. A handful of blended courses that require hands-on laboratory work in our automotive technology, biotechnology, electrical engineering, and health sciences have on-campus components to them.


March 23, 2021 CARES 2 Student Emergency Grant Assistance is now accepting applications. Read more information and apply for funding by visiting the page linked below:

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With a focus on safety and caution, MassBay has developed comprehensive COVID-19 precautions. Members of the MassBay community are required to be familiar with the Phased Access to Campus Education and Services (PACES) document. MassBay is currently operating at PACES level 2C. Be advised, adhering to the rules, regulations, and protocols as detailed in PACES is required for all members of the MassBay community, regardless of one's vaccination status.

When you click the link below, a Word document will be downloaded to your Downloads folder. Double-click it to open it, and Control-Click the links to read the websites and documents that are linked.

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Students Taking Blended Courses

All students, faculty, and staff who will be regularly on campus during the Summer 2021 semester will be required to take a weekly COVID-19 test at no cost to them. These individuals have been provided with detailed instructions on how to take the tests and return them for analysis.

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Students, faculty, and staff regularly on campus for blended coursework in the Summer 2021 semester must adhere to our access requirements in order to gain access to our buildings.

The MassBay Access Plans follow the Mandatory Workplace Safety Standards issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and includes guidance from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. We ask members of our community who will be regularly on our Ashland campus to familiarize themselves with the Ashland Campus Access Plan before coming to campus:

Campus Access Plans

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Coming to Campus

Business transactions, Open House events, academic activities and special events are all taking place virtually. For the foreseeable future, all MassBay students, faculty and staff are prohibited from coming to any of our campuses without prior coordination with their Dean or supervisor, and the approval from the Office of Public Safety. Use the forms linked below to request campus access for critical business functions, or to request access for critical academic tasks.

FORM - Request Campus Access for Critical Business Functions →

FORM - Request Campus Access for Critical Academic Tasks →

Student Policy and Procedure Forms

Students in academic programs involving clinical placements are required to adhere to the MassBay Return to Clinical - Policies and Procedures.

Return to Clinical - Policies and Procedures →

MassBay Travel Policies

MassBay requires all community members and visitors to campus to abide by state and local regulations related to out-of-state and international travel. These regulations change frequently and can involve mandatory quarantining. The latest travel regulations from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can be found on the Massachusetts State Government website on the COVID-19 Travel Order Page.

MassBay Course Formats and Definitions for Summer 2021

With the health and safety of our community as the driving factor, MassBay has been offering nearly all classes either remotely or online since March 2020. Classes are marked as “remote” or “online” in the Course Offerings.

Remote — Remote classes are held at scheduled class times each week (synchronous delivery) using free video conference technology. The proportion and use of video conferencing will vary from course to course. Course materials will be delivered through a learning management system such as Blackboard.
Online — Online classes do not meet at a specific date and time each week (asynchronous delivery). Students are required to engage weekly with the material in Blackboard, the MassBay learning management system, and stay on track with submitting assignments. Assignments may include videos, recorded lectures, discussion boards, tests, and quizzes and can be completed any time before the assigned deadline (usually weekly).
Blended — There are a handful of “blended” courses in our automotive, biotechnology, electrical engineering, and health sciences programs that will have on-campus laboratory components in summer 2021. Students in blended courses will have scheduled lab meetings on campus and receive a portion of the course instruction remotely or online. The proportion of online or remote instruction will vary from course to course.

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Students Taking Online or Remote Courses

Students taking courses online or remote are required to be familiar with and abide by these Tips and Expectations.

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