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Student Guidelines

Finding a Job on Campus

Please click through to the MassBay Jobs Portal. Fill out the application online to start the process. MassBay students may work up to 18 hours per week while classes are in session. It is the responsibility of the student to find a position and initiate the application and interview process. Available jobs will be listed in the on-campus jobs or off-campus jobs link on the webpage for the Student Employment Office. Students are encouraged to attend the Fall and Spring Job Fairs to meet with prospective employers.

The Interview Process

The Interview process may differ among the available student jobs. When you fill out the application to request an interview, you may be asked to send a resume or told to just stop by the office. Student job interviews are often fairly informal. However, be prepared to dress appropriately and to provide accurate information regarding your skills and past experience. Supervisors will typically address the job responsibilities, pay rate, any required training, start date, required hours/schedule per week and any other specific details.

The Paperwork Process

Students are required to fill out paperwork required by both the State and MassBay Community College.

A meeting with the Manager of Student Employment will be scheduled via email and drop-ins are also welcome.

You must have the following with you in order to complete the student hiring packet:

  • A valid driver’s license or
  • A valid passport, social security card or birth certificate (at least two of those listed, must be original documents, no copies accepted).
  • A voided check or document from your bank that includes your name, routing number and account number in order to sign up for direct deposit for your pay checks.
  • If you are not a full-time student, you will also need the name, date of birth and social security number for the person you would designate as a beneficiary on your retirement account.

You cannot start working until the packet is complete and you get a message via email that you are cleared to work.

You may email to schedule an appointment time.

Student Employee Job Responsibilities

  • Establish a work schedule that does not conflict with your class schedule
  • Notify your supervisor in advance of any changes in your schedule
  • Follow area instructions when you are unable to work your scheduled shift
  • Follow any department dress codes
  • Ensure that you do not work during scheduled class hours

Performance Evaluations

All students will receive feedback on their performance on a semesterly basis.

Disciplinary/Termination Procedures

MassBay uses both verbal and written forms of performance warnings. Grounds for disciplinary action may include repeated tardiness, unexcused absenteeism, failure to meet job requirements, excessive personal communication on a phone or computer.

Situations that include misconduct and may be subject to termination:

  • Fraudulent reporting of hours on a time card
  • Theft of any kind
  • Being at work under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal substance
  • Misusing or damaging College property
  • Disclosure or use of confidential information for any reason