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Bay Navigator for Student Accounts

Quick steps into Bay Navigator Self Service for Student Accounts


  • Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page (we recommend using Firefox as your browser when logging into Bay Navigator).
  • Click on the Bay Navigator link
  • Enter your Username and Password for Bay Navigator
    • If you are unsure of these click “Look up username and password”
    • Provide information requested and shut off pop-up blocker (for most browsers this is done by clicking on the yellow bar just under the web address at the top of the screen) as a new window will open with your username and temporary password.
  • Choose the menu item Self Service, next menu item choose Campus Finances
  • Under the Campus Finances section following options are available:
    1. Account Inquiry: Review Student Account detail of tuition and fee charges and payments.
    2. Waive Health Insurance: Students may waive the Health Insurance Fee (Mandatory Health Insurance (waivable): $2,390 Fall 2019 / $1,595 Spring 2020) for the current term. Once submitted, no changes can be made to the online waiver. Waivers must be submitted before the bill due date or at the time of registration. The information needed to complete the waiver is on your health insurance card. There are no health insurance charges or waivers during the summer.
    3. Make a payment: Students who would like to pay the College in full via credit card or join a payment plan with Nelnet (NBS,Facts) for the current term choose this menu.
        • Click Set Up Payment Plan - New window will open. If a new window does not appear you must disable your pop-up blocker. For most browsers this is done by clicking on the yellow bar just under the web address at the top of the screen. After blocker is disabled, re-click on payment plan.
        • Next screen click the link: Payment Plan - New window should open.
        • A new Window will open for Nelnet (NBS,Facts) website; continue to set up the payment plan.
        • The fall payment Plan option will open on July 8, 2019
      • PAYING THE COLLEGE DIRECTLY VIA CREDIT CARD: Skip down to the second box and begin to enter payment information for the term.