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Skyler Michaud | Vice President of Finance

Skyler Michaud | Vice President of Finance Name: Skyler Michaud
Position: VP of Finance
Hometown: “I’m a nomad.”
Major: Biotechnology
Clubs/Interests: President of the Biotechnology Innovations Club, Co-Chair of the STEM Starter Academy 2021-2022 student cohorts
Fun Fact(s) About Me: I love to read, especially science fiction, fantasy and non-fiction science. I also love all kinds of music and love to sing but not in public!! I am always ready to have a philosophical and existential conversation!
Why I joined SGA: “I want to represent MassBay students because I have faced many personal and financial issues in the past. For a long time, I felt like I would never be able to finish my degree or succeed in school. I had to take more than a year off to get financially stable and find stable housing. Thankfully when I came back to school, I was able to find resources and get engaged so that I could feel like my life was all encompassed on campus. The dramatic shift of my experience from my first try at my degree and my second try showed me that being engaged, utilizing my resources, and reaching out for help can make such a huge difference. Now that I am starting to feel successful and empowered, I desperately want to help other students feel the same way I feel now. I want to help students feel supported and make sure NO student is left behind.”
Office Hours: Fridays 10am-11am / Fridays 12pm-1pm (In Person + Remote)