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Nathan Persampieri | Vice President of Student Affairs

Nathan Persampieri | Vice President of Student Affairs Name: Nathan Persampieri
Position: VP of Student Affairs
Hometown: Newton, MA
Major: Liberal Arts
Clubs/Interests: DEI workshop, Rotaract / CESA / community club, Psychology Club (sometimes). My interests include photography, going to the theater, helping others, and traveling
Fun Fact(s) About Me: I work out about twice a year in Florida, very intensely, to keep up my strength, as I have Ataxia (a condition that affects my balance and physical functioning)
Why I joined SGA: “I want to make a difference in the campus community, help be a leader, get students more engaged, and be an active voice. I also want to raise students’ voices that feel unheard. I think if we really put our heads together and plan fun events, talk to students about what’s on their mind/changes we can make, we will have a lasting impact.”
Office Hours: Tuesdays 12pm-1pm / Thursdays 1pm-2pm