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Anthony Neptune | President

Anthony Neptune | President Name: Anthony Neptune
Position: President
Hometown: Watertown, MA / Framingham, MA
Major: Human Services
Clubs/Interests: Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Anime/Manga (HxH and Berserk GOATS), Jesus, Movies (Inception, Kill Bill, Chicago 1's and Black Cement 3's and 4's, Working with kids. , Reading (The Lao Tzu and Bridge to Terabithia), Vegan Lifestyle
Fun Fact(s) About Me: After Massbay, it's off to a four-year program where I can continue to work towards the ultimate goal of earning a Psy.D.
Why I joined SGA: “I've had a fantastic experience at MassBay over the past two years. Over the course of my time here, I received a lot of support from admin and teachers. After my second semester, getting the chance to join the SGA was an opportunity I couldn't pass up as I hope to help other students access the support I received.”
“As President, I aim to use every opportunity to make the myriad resources available to students more available and accessible.“
“It's been great to be a part of this wonderful SGA team and a pleasure to serve my fellow students.”
Office Hours: Monday 12pm-1pm / Wednesday 12pm-1pm (In Person + Remote)