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Angelina Zhukova | Senator

Angelina Zhukova | Senator Name: Angelina Zhukova
Position: Senator
Hometown: Gomel, Belarus / Natick, MA
Major: Cybersecurity
Clubs/Interests: iWARP club, cybersecurity club, Raspberry Pi, Darknet Diaries, manga
Fun Fact(s) About Me: I can play a Belarusian national instrument called “Tsymbaly” also known as “Russian Hammer Dulcimer”
Why I joined SGA: MassBay helped me achieve success as a student and as a person, so I decided that I want to help those who struggle and show that MassBay welcomes everyone no matter their background. When I saw that there are SGA elections, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to positively influence the MassBay community and represent the voice of immigrant students who did not adapt to American culture.
Office Hours: Thursdays 11am-12pm (In Person + Remote)