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MassBay Veteran Engineered His Education in the United States

Monday, June 17, 2019

Arthur Segawa When Arthur Segawa was a child growing up in Uganda he would see American Army troops who were stationed in his hometown and he would dream of become a United States service member. Arthur also had a love of building things, which led him to study civil engineering in Uganda before he decided to move to the U.S. When he came to America, Arthur settled into Brighton, MA before joining the Army Reserves to fulfill his dream of becoming a soldier. “I had a friend from Uganda who was a Reservist, and he told me I could be a soldier specializing in engineering. I was very excited to learn that I would be able to combine the two career paths into one,” said Arthur.

Arthur came to MassBay in the fall of 2013, and earned a certificate in Human Services. After receiving his certificate, he decided to pursue his associate degree in engineering. However, he would need to put his education on hold, as he was called into active duty twice while trying to earn his engineering degree. “MassBay was so accommodating during both deployments. I was deployed to Afghanistan for a year and then another year in Kuwait, working with the Army Corps of Engineers. I was allowed to stop and start my classes while I served our country. This flexibility made it possible for me to continue working towards my degree,” added Arthur.

Before coming to the Boston area, Arthur only knew of Boston from seeing the Red Sox highlighted in a magazine as a child. “It’s kind of crazy, I didn’t know about Boston, except for that magazine article I saw when I was a kid. Then here I am, living in Boston and rooting for the Red Sox team.”

Arthur graduated MassBay in 2018 with his associate degree in engineering. He transferred to Northeastern University to pursue his bachelor’s degree. He is currently enrolled and is expected to graduate Northeastern University in 2022. Arthur lives in Natick, MA with his wife.

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