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MassBay Career Services Works its MAGIC for Students

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Liz Cooper
781-239-2636 office

Rachel Robichaud Rachel Robichaud of Lexington, MA, saw a Career Services’ flyer posted in the hallways, announcing an upcoming panel titled “Women in the Media,” featuring WCVB Channel 5’s anchor, Nichole Berlie, and MAGIC 106.7 morning host, Sue Tabb. The seasoned professionals were coming to MassBay as featured career panelists, and although not required, Rachel knew she needed to attend the event. Rachel, a Communications major, had been a life-long fan of the Boston-based radio station, MAGIC 106.7, and had her career sights set on working in broadcasting. “The panel that MassBay’s Office of Career Services provided was very relevant to me and my career interest. It was an amazing experience, sitting in the same room as these two media professionals who I see on TV and hear on the radio. What an incredible opportunity, being able to hear their stories and ask them questions about their career paths. Their advice on how to break into the industry was invaluable,” said Rachel.

Following the career panel, students were encouraged to stay and talk with professionals. Rachel took advantage of this opportunity to introduce herself to Sue Tabb from MAGIC 106.7 to share a personal story about her late mother’s love for the radio station. “That’s how I became hooked on MAGIC, it was the only radio station my mother would listen to all day, every day. Sue was so kind to listen to my story and about my dream of working in broadcasting someday. She then invited me to visit her at the radio station and participate in reading the ‘almost impossible question’ on air. When I visited the station, the morning MAGIC team were all so nice and welcoming. Upon my arrival, they had a gift bag and a welcome sign, along with my own set of headphones, all set up by a microphone. It was more than I ever expected after originally being invited by Sue.”

After Rachel participated in the show with the morning MAGIC hosts, Sue Tabb, David O’Leary, and Kendra Petrone, she toured the building and before leaving, she was asked to be an intern. “I was blown away, excited, and nervous. I, of course, said yes right away, but I wasn’t really sure what I was signing myself up for. I didn’t have a background in radio or any experience, but I was eager to learn and do my best. It was intimidating at first, because I wasn’t sure what I’d be able to add to the show. But, surprisingly I’ve been able to contribute a lot and I’ve learned so much in the process.”

Rachel explains her internship as a “pop-news gatherer”, where she looks up news and entertainment stories that might fit into the format of the show, sometimes writes the stories for the morning hosts, and monitors the news to make sure any news updates are made quickly in the scripts. She also takes notes on what the show covers during mornings to email to the afternoon hosts in case they find something interesting to cover later in the day. “It is so amazing to hear the stories I write read over the air. I’ve also been on air a lot more than I ever expected. I don’t usually have a microphone, but sometimes they’ll turn the mic on and ask my opinion. This has been such a great experience. I absolutely learned and experienced more than I ever thought I would at an internship.” 

“We love having Rachel along on this crazy ride,” said MAGIC Morning Host Sue Tabb. “Morning radio is a unique blend of being able to write, react, and relate, all during a live 4-hour broadcast! It’s so rewarding to help develop the skill set in students and introduce them to this fast-paced and always evolving industry. We hope this is the beginning of a long partnership between MAGIC and MassBay.”

“This opportunity wouldn’t have been possible without MassBay. Career Services provided the career panel that opened all of these doors for me. I urge other students to go to the events on campus and put yourself out there, regardless of whether a class requires it or not. I would not have gone out and gotten this internship on my own. Putting myself out there, talking to Sue after the panel, and being willing and eager has paid off. I took advantage of the opportunity, like every student can, and it led to an awesome opportunity.”

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