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MassBay Professor Releases New Communication Textbook

Monday, January 29, 2018

WELLESLEY HILLS, MA (January 29, 2018) – MassBay Professor and Communication Studies Chair, Dr. Debbie London recently introduced her new communication textbook, Applied Communication for Community College and Beyond. This preliminary edition text is written especially for community college students, focusing less on theory than a traditional academic text and more on using communication effectively in real life. Although there are a small number of communication texts published for individual community colleges, this is one of the only texts specifically written for students attending community college in general.

“People want to interact as quickly and efficiently as possible via social media, and as a result, we are losing ability to communicate face-to-face efficiently and respectfully,” said Dr. London. “This book reminds the reader that we all have the ability to communicate effectively in real time without sacrificing civility and personal interaction.”

Dr. London goes on to explain, “good or bad, community college students want the bottom line...what do they need to know and how will it help them personally? This book answers those questions by illustrating how communication can be used to navigate and improve one's personal and professional life. Community college students usually have different agendas than students attending four-year schools and there is almost always a greater mix of people that make up the student body in community colleges. Anyone can benefit and get some great takeaways from this book.”

Dr. London’s textbook is currently being used in Introduction to Communication classes at MassBay. Student feedback has been used to add to and revise the First edition which will be available to a wider audience in August 2018. Applied Communication for Community College and Beyond is published by Cognella Academic Publishing. Dr. London used her recent sabbatical to research and write this textbook.

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