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Building a Medical Career Starting with MassBay’s EMT Program

Monday, April 1, 2019

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (March 2019) – High School senior and MassBay EMT student, Piyusha Kundu has always been interested in math and science courses, with a natural attraction to the medical field. She wasn’t completely sold on the medical profession until she began her volunteer work at Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston and really saw how this career could impact people’s lives. It was there she experienced, and saw first-hand, the need for medical care, especially for patients who do not have access to medical insurance, and she now sees medicine as her future career path to help break down those barriers for people who need medical care. Piyusha has acted on her passion for helping people - starting Fall 2019, she will further her medical education at Texas’ Rice University, studying neuroscience. In preparation, this budding doctor decided it would be in her best interest to “experience a clinical setting to broaden my knowledge of the field of medicine,” and enrolled in MassBay’s evening EMT program.

“I am interested in medicine, and as an EMT, I would be able to interact with patients and understand how to create a safe, caring relationship to treat them appropriately,” added Piyusha. “I also wanted to learn how to effectively problem solve, but also empathize with my patients and help treat them for their illnesses or injuries. I hope that by becoming an EMT, I will gain essential problem-solving and patient interaction experience that will lead to a future career.”

Piyusha, a high school senior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s (WPI) Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science, currently takes courses at WPI, alongside other undergraduate students as part of her high school coursework. “As a senior, I appreciate the opportunity to take classes at a university. As part of a university and high school, I enjoyed conducting my own research project during my junior year,” said Piyusha. When she is not in the classroom, she enjoys being a member of the Biotechnology Club at Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science, where she learns about essential research techniques, participates in a high school-wide poetry competition and the Slam Poetry club, and is an artist often selling her work locally.

Next year, her hope is “to volunteer on the EMS squad at Rice University. The University is surrounded by numerous hospitals, where I might be able to find possible career-focused work.” Adding, “the EMT course is pushing me to take more of a leadership role and speak up when I have ideas. Now, I am able to more appropriately lead a team when providing care for a patient.” This is giving Piyusha a great start to her future medical career.

To learn more about the EMT program at MassBay, people are encouraged to attend our Health Sciences Open Labs event on Saturday, April 6, 2019, 10am -12pm on our Framingham campus. To sign-up for this event visit

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