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Faculty Blackboard and Qwickly Tutorials

Get it done QWICKLY

Qwickly builds tools to help you be more productive in Blackboard. Here are a few examples of videos you will find.

  • Multi-Course Productivity Tools
  • Attendance
  • Qwickly Jot Assignment
  • And more!

Qwickly Blackboard Tools TUTORIALS →

If you would like to learn more, please contact Chris Daniele, Coordinator of Instructional Technology →


How to Copy a Course in Blackboard

This video will demystify the course copy process and help you to get a clean, perfect copy of your course. We recommend that you watch it through at least once and then use it as a reference.


How to Manage your My Courses Module

If you are having trouble sifting through your list of courses to get to the one you want, this video is for you!


How to Embed a YouTube Video into your Blackboard Course


The Blackboard Retention Center


Presenting “Qwickly” for Blackboard

Qwickly provides a set of tools that streamlines workflows in Blackboard and makes some of the tedious common tasks much simpler to manage. Please note that as of this writing, we recommend using either Chrome or Firefox with Qwickly, there is a known bug with Internet Explorer that affects some of the tools.


Qwickly Course Availability

Make Courses available in a snap using the Qwickly module.


Post Announcement to Multiple Classes

Post an Announcement to Multiple Classes using the Qwickly module


Send Email to Multiple Classes

Send Email to Multiple Classes using the Qwickly module


Qwickly+ Post Content

Post Documents to Multiple Classes using the Qwickly module


Qwickly Module Course Clean Up

Clean up your course list by hiding unavailable courses


Qwickly+ Link to Cloud Content Mashup

Qwickly Link to Cloud Content Mashup Tool


Qwickly+ Email a Google Docs Document

Email Google Docs directly from Google Drive to course members


Qwickly+ Upload Document from Dropbox

Instructors can add documents directly from Dropbox to multiple courses


Copying Rubrics

The feature to “copy” rubrics from one course to another is currently not functional in Blackboard; this is a know error for which they do not currently have a solution, but there is a viable workaround to this problem. The video below illustrates the workaround — note that it was made for a specific instructor and case but it can be applied to any course(s):