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How to Hire a Federal Work Study Student

  1. Confirm Position with FWS Counselor
    1. Financial Aid will email the job template to faculty and staff at the beginning of each semester – fall and spring.
    2. Supervisors will create a job description using the template provided and then send the updated template to Carolina Moreno via email at
  2. Post Position
    1. Carolina will post confirmed job descriptions on MassBay Jobs Portal
    2. The Financial Aid Office will not recruit or place students in jobs. Supervisors are responsible to recruit eligible FWS students.
  3. Interview and Offer position
    1. Supervisors will interview and select the best candidates.
    2. Supervisors will direct students to the Financial Aid Office to confirm eligibility and complete the Federal Work Study Authorization Application. Supervisors must sign their sections of the application.
  4. Confirm Candidate’s Eligibility
    1. To confirm Federal Work Study eligibility, students must contact the Financial Aid Office for the Federal Work Study Authorization Application if they have not done so already. The second page of the application must indicate that students are eligible and a Financial Aid Counselor must sign it.
  5. Hire Student
    1. Students must submit the completed Federal Work Study Authorization Application to the Financial Aid Office first.
    2. The Financial Aid Counselor will inform the student to visit Human Resources to complete new hire paperwork. The student will provide employment paperwork (i.e. I-9, tax forms) to Human Resources. Please note: This is required for employment. Student cannot start working at this time until #6.
    3. The Financial Aid Counselor will submit a “Request to Hire” to initiate the hiring process. Please note: student may not begin working until approved.
  6. Confirmation and Start
    1. The student and the supervisor will receive a confirmation email from a Financial Aid Counselor (Carolina). At this point, the student may start working, but NOT before this confirmation. This is a compliance issue and if not followed, the entire FWS program is at risk.
    2. Students and supervisors should determine work schedule. STUDENTS SHOULD NOT WORK DURING CLASS HOURS!
    3. Students will need to contact Paula Cucinotta or Bob Santosuosso about HRCMS record and instructions for the SSTA (Self-Service Time & Attendance) website.