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Alumni Council Members


Frederick Camerato, Class of 2013
Laurie Carlson, Class of 2008
Steven Carlson, Class if 1982
Lauren Curley, Class of 2006
Deborah Georgopoulos, Class of 1989
Elizabeth Kinsman, Class of 2008
Osayomwanbor Obazee, Class of 2012
Stacy Okada, Class of 2016
Joe Sergi, Class of 1992
Vivian Williams, Class of 1993
David Y. Wong, Class of 2003

Welcome MassBay Alumni!

Congratulations, you made it! If you have earned 6 or more credit hours at MassBay Community College, you are considered an Alumnus! Of course, most of us have completed our degrees or certificates, and many have gone on to advanced degrees, but we all understand that our roots are at MassBay. We started here and went everywhere! Here you will find information regarding the Alumni Association, and activities that we are undertaking.

The Alumni Council helps to support the annual MassBay 5K Race/Walk, the All Vehicle Show at the Ashland Technology Center, the Alumni Reunion and helps to fundraise for the Alumni Scholarship Fund.

Here you will find information regarding the Alumni Association, and activities that we are undertaking!

MassBay 5K Finish Line

The Alumni Council welcomes your participation. If you are interested in serving on the Council, or if you have any suggestions or events you would like to see the Council sponsor, please contact or Elise Vokt at 781-239-3125.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Alumni Association

The Mission Statement
“To promote the personal, academic and professional development of alumni and students to achieve their fullest potential, while working together to advance the growth and development of the Massachusetts Bay Community College.”

Our Association is comprised of nearly 65,000 alumni within the United States and across the globe.