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Sherline Heriveaux

Humanities and Social Sciences Academy

Sherline Heriveaux When Sherline Heriveaux was a graduating senior at Boston’s Fenway High School, she began receiving numerous college acceptance letters. She was excited about taking the next step in her education and her future career path, but reality set in after she looked at all the financial aid reward letters and realized she would still have to try to figure out how to pay for college. Like most students heading off to a four-year college or university, the financial awards were not going to be enough to cover the cost of college without taking out huge loans that would take years to pay back, plus interest. “That is when I began searching for a credible, affordable, and enriching two-year institution. After doing my research, MassBay Community College met all of my requirements and I was on my way to orientation,” she said.

MassBay turned out to be the place for her to follow her passion, without crushing her financially. Sherline credits her achievements inside and outside the classroom to “the MassBay professors who were involved in my success and the staff who were extremely kind and always ready to help me with anything.” She added that Professor Muhammed Zifzaf, “encouraged me along the way, Professor Debbie London really inspired me to reach for the stars, and Professor Diane Harper challenged me and taught me that I can do anything.” This combination of support kept her on track and focused on her long-term career goal of working in the media.

Sherline graduated in 2015 with her Associate of Arts degree in Communication and transferred to the University of Massachusetts in Boston, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication in 2018. As a Communication graduate, Sherline focused on her goals of working in the media and she is currently employed as a Media and Communication Ambassador at NBC Universal in New York City. She is one of only 212 participants selected for the competitive yearlong Page Program, which recruits college graduates interested in pursuing careers in the media industry. In her position, she supports many production operations including leading tours at NBC Studios and assisting in sales and corporate communication.

“I love that MassBay welcomes everyone and supports every student to advance his or her life. I have worked hard to follow my dreams, and I’m working in the career I always wanted to pursue. I could not have done this without MassBay. The College’s motto is true, “Start Here, Go Anywhere.”

Sherline Heriveaux