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Admissions Guidelines

Prerequisite and Selection Process

Students seeking admission to the to the Radiologic Technology Program shall be considered for admission based on MassBay’s established admission standards, and will be evaluated by GPA and total number of college-level credits completed at MassBay. Priority for admission is given to current MassBay students.

Applicants must also meet all other required course prerequisites for the program.

Minimum eligibility for admissions to this program includes:

• MassBay Placement into Freshman English I (EN 101) or completion of College Writing (WR 100) with a grade of C or higher.

• MassBay Placement into College Algebra (MA 102)/Pre-Calculus Mathematics (MA 104) or completion of Intermediate.

• Algebra (MA 098) with a grade of C or higher.

• Successful completion of Reading Assessment Test.

Refer to the Competitive Programs Admissions Requirements. Admission to MassBay Community College does not guarantee admission to the Radiologic Technology Program. Admission to the Radiologic Technology program is very competitive. Selection is determined by a cumulative point system based on the pre and co-requisite core course grades (those courses required in the Radiologic Technology Program), as well as the number of college course credits. It is highly recommended that applicants complete as many of the General Education courses (non-Radiology courses) as possible prior to application to the program. Completion of the general education courses will enhance the application for admission as well as lighten the academic load.

Consideration will be given to students, who have completed all prerequisite and core science courses, as well as college level math while maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher with 15 or more MassBay credits. Students are then selected to progress based on the highest core GPA (4.00) descending in the highest numerical order until the maximum enrollment totals are met.

To learn more about MassBay’s Admissions process and guidelines, please visit MassBay’s Admissions FAQ page.