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Testing Services

The Academic Achievement Center (AAC) offers both Placement Testing (English and math placement) and Make-Up Testing (for missed exams).


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All new students to MassBay seeking a degree or certificate are required by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education to complete placement testing soon after being accepted to the college. Placement tests determine the English and math classes with which you will begin your academic career.

A photo ID and an appointment are required to take a test in the AAC.

Placement Testing is the first step in the SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising and Registration) process. The following tests are required:

  1. Mathematics and
  2. English for native speakers OR English as a Second Language (ESL).

Math and English tests together take approximately three (3) hours to complete.

***Not sure which test to take? Have you taken the tests elsewhere or have transfer credits?
See Placement Testing for more information.***

Register now to take the Placement Tests.


Faculty may arrange for a student who misses an exam for a legitimate reason to take a make-up test in the Academic Achievement Center’s testing room.

A photo ID and an appointment are required to take a test in the AAC.


Wellesley Hills: 2nd Floor, Academic Achievement Center
Framingham: Inside Library, Room 307

For more information, call 781-239-2632 (Wellesley) or 508-270-4213 (Framingham) or email