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The Institute for Trauma, Adversity, and Resilience in Higher Education


Understanding how trauma impacts the adult learner leads to forming pedagogy and support services that form a critical lens through which the community college endeavors to support access and success in the post-secondary realm.


Promote understanding among the stakeholders in higher education and in the larger community of the profound impact trauma has on student success.


  1. Progressively grow and sustain a culture of trauma-informed knowledge and best practices across the institution.
  2. Research funding, design, and protocols for ethical and responsible Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) style questionnaire for the post-secondary community college in order to create an empirical portrait querying the link between trauma and academic resilience.
  3. Develop a digital community resourcing and networking information regarding trauma and learning in higher education by means of literature, research, kiosk of events, lectures, publications, conferences, and continuing education.


Please contact Dr. Jeanie Tietjen at or 781.239.2203 for more information including resources, speaking engagements, exploring collaboration, or funding opportunities.

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