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Faculty Development

Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology Innovation

The Center for Teaching & Learning provides faculty with professional development and support, in addition to assistance in online course instruction. The Center provides professional development training for faculty members on instructional design, active and collaborative learning, multi-modal teaching and learning, mediated instruction, and strategies to improve retention.

The Center works closely with the Department of eLearning to expand the College’s technology-delivered and technology-enhanced course offerings.

Instructional Design/Faculty Development Activity Plan

MassBay’s Title III initiative will bring together faculty in cohorts, or “Design Teams” and engage them in collaborative work to revise outmoded instructional practices. The intention of this approach is to maximize efforts and potentially impact the greatest number of students through coordinated and collaborative efforts. The initiative will target “foundations” or gateway courses. With the help of the Instructional Designer, this work will focus on deepening learning and fostering core student success skills (communication, collaboration and critical thinking) in engaging and innovative ways. Faculty will consider universal design principles and create activities designed to improve performance, participation, attention, and focus, for the success of all learners.

Faculty teams will collaborate to redesign, pilot, and subsequently implement, and assess the redesigned courses. Each of the teams will produce a course-specific guide that includes a course content summary with learning objectives, sample lessons, classroom strategies, and assignments. The creation by faculty of curriculum guides which reflect successful practices and will provide teaching and learning strategies for both new and experienced faculty.

This “Design Team” initiative is a purposeful and collaborative approach to changing the way instruction is provided at the College. Successful implementation of the initiative will lead to increases in achievement, retention, and engagement and student satisfaction in the “active and collaborative learning benchmark” for each cohort group, measured against established baseline data.