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Proudly Providing U.S. Veterans With Education & Career Opportunities for 50 Years.

Veterans at MassBay

Massachusetts Bay Community College is an excellent choice for U.S Veterans seeking to transition into sustainable careers, or transfer to four-year institutions. For more than five decades we have been rewarding our nation’s soldiers with high quality instruction, academic and counseling support services, and a vibrant, supportive college environment. MassBay credits transfer to many four-year institutions around the nation, with many of our Veteran students choosing the transfer option. With readily accessible GI Bill and tuition reimbursement options, and coursework that can be completed online or on-campus, during evenings and weekends, and as full- or part-time programs, MassBay is a convenient and affordable option for our nation’s returning Veterans.


Request for GI Bill Benefits Form

Whether you are a returning, transfer or new student, you MUST fill out the Request for GI Bill Benefits Form.

Notification of desire to use benefits is necessary for EVERY semester.

Please fill out this form AFTER registering for classes. We cannot certify you until you register for courses.  Once completed, bring the form and supporting documents to the Student Development Office.

Form for FALL or SPRING semesters
Form for SUMMER sessions

Approved by Department of Veterans Affairs for use of GI Bill Education Benefits

Eligible veterans, their dependents and Reservists may apply for educational benefits for full, three-quarter or part-time enrollment.

Free Tuition for Eligible Veterans

Armed Forces Tuition Assistance is a benefit paid to eligible active duty and reservists of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. The United States Congress has authorized each service to pay up to 100% for the tuition expenses of its members.  

Tuition and fees may be fully waived for Massachusetts National Guard soldiers and airmen through the 100% Tuition and Fee Reimbursement Program, funded by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education.

Highest Basic Allowance for Housing in Massachusetts

At $2,817 per month, MassBay student veterans receive the highest monthly Basic Allowance for Housing among Massachusetts's community colleges. Students must be taking a full course load to qualify for this level of funding.  Partial funds may be distributed for smaller course loads.

Obtain College Credits for Your Service

Student veterans may be eligible to receive MassBay credits due to their military education and experience, as it applies to their choice of associate degree or certificate. Be sure to request that your military transcript be forwarded to MassBay, and we can help determine if your service and experience can be turned into college credits.

MassBay's VALOR Act Academic Credit Evaluation Policy

In accordance with the VALOR ACT, Massachusetts Bay Community College evaluates credit earned for military education, training, experience, or coursework using the same standards as those applied to coursework from accredited colleges and universities. Massachusetts Bay Community College reviews all military transcripts and discharge documents (DD214), including SMART, ACE, and AARTS, as well as CLEP and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests in accordance with college policies for transferability of credit to the student’s intended major or program of study. Such evaluation shall be in accordance with existing Mass Transfer agreement policies. Students shall receive accurate and complete academic counseling from the Veterans’ Coordinator in collaboration with the Academic Advising Center.

Free On-Campus Career and Counseling Services

At MassBay, we have been welcoming America’s heroes to campus for five decades. We understand the special circumstances being a returning veteran entail, and we make the experience as rewarding as possible. All MassBay students have access to fully licensed counseling professionals, as well as an on-campus Veterans Affairs and Career Services counselors, as well as a full-time Transfer Coordinator to help transition students to four-year institutions. Our active Veterans Club hosts formal and informal gatherings designed to ensure our more than 170 student veterans have colleagues to talk to, and the College has an on-campus resource center, “The Bunker,” dedicated solely to our student veterans.

Contact Us

Our Veterans Affairs Coordinator, located in the Office of Student Development on the first floor of the Wellesley Hills campus, can provide information on eligibility, requirements and application procedures. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 781-239-2753.


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Highlighting Veterans at MassBay

Jessica Malone, Hometown: Norfolk, MA, Nursing

Jessica Malone 
“How many people have told me I couldn’t do the Nursing program, with two kids and everything? The same number of people said I couldn’t make it through boot camp. But I was brought up to hold my own – I’m a strong woman, and I know I can do whatever I put my mind to.” Read more >>

Kelly Ratcliffe, Hometown: Framingham, MA, Business Administration
Kelly Ratcliffe 
“The professors here are so supportive of Veterans. They understand that we have underlying situations about why we’re missing class. I experience severe migraines sometimes, and even though I want to be here more than anything, sometimes I just can’t be. The professors here really care, and that’s what keeps me coming back.” Read more >>

Joel Taft, McKenzie Award Recipient, Criminal Justice
 Joel Taft 

“Thanks to the Veterans affairs support I received, I got the words ‘I can’t’ out of my head. And now that I’m here at MassBay it’s become a home away from home for me.” Read more >>

Tim Harrington, Hometown: Medfield, MA, Criminal Justice
 Tim Harrington 

“MassBay has helped my confidence level as I transition from service to school – I couldn’t have picked a more comfortable environment.” Read more >>

Kenny Moreno, Goldwater Scholar, Biotechnolgy
 Kenny Moreno 

“Faculty and staff have been great – anytime I’ve needed help they’ve been there. Marie Hahs and the Veterans services here are good too. It’s been nice to know my peers are around.”

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