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Interdisciplinary Conference on Trauma & Learning in Post-Secondary Education

Trauma & Learning Conference

Massachusetts Bay Community College is proud to host the interdisciplinary and inter-professional conference on trauma and learning in post-secondary education. One particular emphasis of this conference will be how the issues of trauma present themselves and are responded to in the diverse, 21st century college environment. Read more...    

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The goal of this conference is to enact and record a cross-disciplinary communication of how trauma adversely affects learning in the diverse post-secondary college population, to share strategies that might positively affect academic outcomes, and to consider how awareness of trauma and resilience might progressively inform best practices in all college roles from classroom, to student services, to administration.

Session Presenters and Abstracts  
The panels and presentations for this conference day reflect the conference’s interdisciplinary and interprofessional commitment. Clicking here allows for an alphabetical by title list of presentation titles, panelists, and abstracts in the following areas: allied health and nursing, clinical, cognitive and neuro-scientific, institution and administration, military/veteran, and pedagogy. Continuing education credits are available.    Read more...

Continuing Education credits for clinicians, social workers, nursing and allied health, and emergency medicine will be available. To receive these updates by email, please sign up by sending your email address to:  or 781.239.2657.