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Humanities and Social Sciences

Located on both our Wellesley Hills and Framingham campuses, the Division of Humanities & Social Sciences provides students with an exceptional learning experience. The liberal arts have always been at the core of the college experience, providing students with the skills, knowledge, and flexibility to take any path in their education, careers, and lives.

Dr. Christopher La Barbera, Dean of Humanities &
Social Sciences at MassBay, Discussing the Advantages
the Liberal Arts Offer


We are committed to offering students a high-quality liberal arts education that:    

  • Prepares students for successful transfer to 4-year colleges;  
  • Provides enriched learning experiences that promote student learning;  
  • Develops in students the skills and abilities for life-long learning;  
  • Promotes active citizenship in a rapidly changing world.  

A degree in humanities and social sciences opens a world of possibilities. Our degree programs in Communication, General Studies, Global Studies, Liberal Arts, and Psychology/Sociology provide a balanced education in disciplines throughout the liberal arts, including fine arts, communication, English, foreign languages, history, philosophy, social sciences, and literature.  In addition, our division supports English acquisition through an extensive ESL program.

Students gain a broad understanding of the world while developing their abilities in writing, critical thinking, research and problem-solving. Consistent with the Survey of Employers from the American Association of College & Universities (AAC&U), students develop broad knowledge in the liberal arts, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills; these learning outcomes are among the most sought-after by employers, regardless of the chosen field of study.

Since our programs are the equivalent of the freshman and sophomore years of a Bachelor of Arts program at a four-year college, a major focus of Humanities & Social Sciences at MassBay is preparing our students for transfer to four-year colleges to continue their education. MassBay has a number of transfer agreements with public and private four-year colleges and universities and our students have an excellent record of successful transfer to a wide-range of schools.  In addition, our degree programs meet the MassTransfer requirements for University of Massachusetts colleges. The Humanities Division offers flexible course times, with classes meeting traditional daytime, as well as weekday evenings, weekends, and online.

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