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Dr. Maxine Elmont Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Maxine ElmontThis scholarship was named in honor of Maxine Elmont, Professor of Human Services at MassBay Community College. It was established to support a student 25 years or older re-entering college and majoring in Human Services at MassBay.    GIVE NOW »


Professor Elmont joined MassBay in 1968, teaching courses in Human Services, Psychology and Sociology. Professor Elmont was a dedicated and committed member of MassBay for nearly 50 years and was held in high regard by many of her colleagues. She was honored in 2016 by the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE) with the Maxine Elmont Award for Outstanding Alumnus of a Career Associate Program, which recognizes an alumnus who distinguishes themselves in an education career and other areas of life.


Dr. Bruce Jackson Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Bruce JacksonBruce Jackson, Ph.D. was a long-time faculty member and the chair of the Biotechnology and Forensic DNA Science Department at MassBay Community College. For all of his numerous accolades and accomplishments, Dr. Jackson considered himself an educator and mentor to students first, helping launch the careers of many scientists, criminologists, and researchers now active in the STEM fields. To honor his legacy, MassBay has established the Dr. Bruce Jackson Endowed Scholarship Fund to support the cause he championed the most — our students.    GIVE NOW »


“I knew when I joined MassBay Community College that I would receive a great education. But with the help of this scholarship, I will be able to increase my chances of success.”    — Marie

“It is not always easy to juggle school and family and to pay our tuition. Your scholarship has lightened my financial burden and given me a boost in my struggle.”    — Mi

“I hope one day I will reciprocate and give a hand to the community the way you supported me financially during my time of need.”    — Beatrice

“Your generosity has reduced my financial burden, enabling me to concentrate on what is important to me, my education.”    — George


Give now and change lives.
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