eShowcase of the ePortfolio classes at MassBay


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Why an ePortfolio class at MassBay?

Students describe their ePortfolio experience…
  • I loved this assignment. It is a great organizational aid and allows me to enjoy my work
  • Very creative way to get done what you need to get done
  • … An overall good experience especially for those with a weak background in computer science
  • Writing, music, photography, art, web design…everyone has a chance to advertise an area of creativity that they personally excel in and work on the ones that they do not
  • It makes it easy to revise
  • The ePortfolio has unique advantages: it pulls the student into the writing process, as well as producing a marketable tool by and for the students
  • Cool idea… Just kind of difficult to grasp how it works for some people
  • ePortfolio creates a very social learning environment in the classroom, in which you develop a comforting sense of community
  • Multi-media approach to instill, as well as reinforce, the fundamental ideas behind the elusive writing process

 Samples from MassBay's student ePorfolios:





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