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Curriculum Sheet Demo

Below are links to the curriculum sheets for our 80 Degree and Certificate programs listed by division.

Next to each curriculum sheet link is a link to the learning outcomes for the program (learning outcomes), a link to any additional information about the degree or certificate program (info) and a link to the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) page, if one exists, for the degree or certificate program.



Health Sciences

Associate Degree Programs

A.S. Nursing Programs – Day Option (learning outcomes)  (info) (OOH)

A.S. Nursing Programs – Evening Option (learning outcomes)  (info) (OOH)

Radiologic Technology Day Option (learning outcomes)  (info) (OOH)

Radiologic Technology Flex Option (learning outcomes)  (info) (OOH)

Certificate Programs

Central Processing Technology (learning outcomes)  (info)

Central Services & Material Management  (learning outcomes)  (info)

Emergency Medical Technician (learning outcomes)  (info) (OOH)

Maxillofacial Assistant (learning outcomes)  (info)

Medical Coding (learning outcomes) 

Medical Office Administrative Assistant (learning outcomes) 

Paramedicine - Day Option (learning outcomes)  (info) (OOH)

Paramedicine - Evening Option (learning outcomes)  (info) (OOH)

Phlebotomy (learning outcomes)  (info) (OOH)

Practical Nursing -Day Option (learning outcomes)  (info) (OOH)

Practical Nursing - Evening Option (learning outcomes)  (info) (OOH)

Surgical Technology (Day & Evening) (learning outcomes)  (info) (OOH)




Associate Degree Programs

General Studies (AA)(learning outcomes)

Liberal Arts (AA)(learning outcomes)  

Liberal Arts: Communications (learning outcomes)  

Certificate Programs

Liberal Arts: Communications (learning outcomes)  





Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Associate Degree Programs

Automotive Technology: BMW (learning outcomes)

Automotive Technology: Chrysler (learning outcomes)  

Automotive Technology: General Motors (learning outcomes)

Automotive Technology: Toyota/Lexus (learning outcomes)  


Biotechnology: Forensic DNA Science  

Biotechnology: Marine Biotechnology  

Computer Information Systems  

Computer Science  

Electrical & Computer Engineering  

Electronics Technology  


Engineering Design  

Environmental Sciences & Safety  

General Studies (AS)  

General Studies: Bioinformatics (AS)  

General Studies: Lab Animal Care (AS)  

General Studies: Mathematics (AA)  

Information Systems Technology & Management: Management 

Information Systems Technology & Management: Technology 

Life Sciences  

Mechanical Engineering  

Certificate Programs


Automotive Technology: Toyota/Lexus (learning outcomes)  

Automotive Technology TSEP: Undercarriage Repair(learning outcomes)  

Automotive Technology TSEP: Electrical/Engine-Performance/HVAC(learning outcomes)  

Automotive Technology TSEP: Drive Systems (learning outcomes)

Computer-Aided Design  

Cyber Security  

Information Technology  

Technology Support  

Web Designer  

Web Developer  

Web Master  


SS-PS Header - 700

Social Sciences & Professional Studies

Associate Degree Programs

Accounting (learning outcomes)

Business Administration (learning outcomes)  

Criminal Justice(learning outcomes)  

Early Childhood Education (learning outcomes)  

General Business (AS) (learning outcomes)  

General Business: Hospitality Management (learning outcomes)

General Business: International Business (learning outcomes)

Liberal Arts: Community Health Option(learning outcomes)  

Liberal Arts: Early Childhood Education (learning outcomes)  

Liberal Arts: Elementary Education(learning outcomes)  

Liberal Arts: Global Studies (learning outcomes)  

Liberal Arts: Human Services(learning outcomes)  

Liberal Arts: Psychology/Sociology/Anthropology (learning outcomes)  

Paralegal Studies(learning outcomes)  

Certificate Programs

Accounting(learning outcomes)

Business: Information Technology(learning outcomes)

Early Childhood Education (learning outcomes)  

Early Childhood Education: Infant-Toddler Teacher(learning outcomes)  

General Business: Entrepreneurship(learning outcomes)  

General Business: Hospitality Management (learning outcomes)

General Business: Marketing(learning outcomes)  

High Tech Sales(learning outcomes)  

Interior Design(learning outcomes)  

Liberal Arts: Community Health(learning outcomes)  

Liberal Arts: Human Services(learning outcomes)  

Management(learning outcomes)

Paralegal Studies (learning outcomes)