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Computer Science Resources

The Computer Science Department maintains two lab rooms housing computers dedicated to be used by computer science students. Each lab houses 24 computers placed along the perimeter with mobile and modular tables arrayed in the center. This open architecture supports a variety of modern learning strategies and aims to promote active learning and team work.

Our first dedicated space (room 424) currently features a dual-boot configuration so that both Windows and Linux operating systems are available. This room also supports much of the multimedia software required by our web-related and digital-imaging courses. 

Our newest laboratory, room 425, provides virtual access to multiple operating systems and network environments. The configuration of this lab allows us to run multiple courses in one semester, where each course requires a range of student administrative access to operating system such as Windows (different versions in addition to the server) and Linux as well as network resources. 

The Computer Science department offers a number of courses such as Computer Networks, Linux Management, Web Server Administration, and Web Site Development, that can be run in a variety of software configurations according to the needs of the course and instructor preferences. Courses requiring special access privileges and/or permissions can run without security concerns to the college, as the network is isolated from the main MassBay network. In addition, courses such as Fundamentals of Cyber Security and future computer security courses can benefit from the virtualized environment provided by the lab. This virtualized lab also has a separate dedicated high speed connection to the Internet.

These labs allow the department to provide students with important hands-on opportunities for teaching and practice not available in the school-wide computer labs. These rooms are supported by independent server systems maintained by the CS faculty.