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Schedule of Course Offerings & Policies

Course Schedule

A new course schedule is developed and distributed three times each year at the College - for the fall, spring and summer semesters. These publications list the academic calendar, tuition costs and a schedule of courses, days and times available for the specific semester. Please note that while every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the College reserves the right to make changes at any time with respect to course offerings, instructors, course locations and times, services provided, cost of attendance or any other subject addressed in the course schedules.

View current semester's schedule

Class Schedule View & Print
Students should view and print their class schedule prior to coming in for their classes

  1. Log in to Bay Navigator (formerly PeopleSoft) self-service
  2. Click on ‘self service’
  3. Click on ‘student center’
  4. Under the section titled ‘academics’, click on ‘my class schedule’.
  5. Review your schedule, then click on the printer icon on your web browser to obtain a printout of it. 
Please Note: Protect this printout and do not leave it unattended or throw in the trash.

Certain course restrictions, pre-requisites as well as co-requisites are enforced at MassBay. Prior to registration, please make sure that you meet all enrollment requirement criteria.

Repeating a Course
Students may repeat a course at any time, although MassBay reserves the right to limit the number of times students may repeat the same course. The grade earned in the final attempt automatically becomes the official grade for purposes of calculating grade point average (GPA) and for determining eligibility for graduation. The grades for each attempt, however, are recorded on the student’s permanent transcript but excluded from GPA calculation.

Academic Progress
At the end of each semester, MassBay reviews the academic performance of all students. The College requires that you complete each semester with a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.000. Students who fail to meet the minimum GPA are subject to Academic Probation or Academic Dismissal. If a student is placed on probation, he/she should meet with his/her academic advisor to discuss MassBay’s many support services, which can help improve academic performance. While on probation, a student may not participate in any extra-curricular activities, including athletics. In addition, he/she must immediately resign any position of responsibility, including the Student Government Association (SGA) or Student Trustee, etc. Students may attend social and academic functions, as well as participate in work-study. Once on probation, students must earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.000 in one annual academic cycle. Failure to achieve the above standard will result in dismissal from the College. Academic dismissal means that students are prohibited from enrolling in the College. If a student is dismissed, he/she may appeal his/her status with the College Appeals Board.

Official College Withdrawal
A student may withdraw from the college only during the semester in which she/he is registered, and by the date specified for each semester. College withdrawals are not processed retroactively and students who withdraw from the college are not entitled to a refund after the date specified in the college academic calendar. To withdraw from the college, a student must complete and submit the appropriate college Withdrawal Form available in the Student Development Office. Failure to return a withdrawal form may result in a student failing all courses and being placed on academic probation. All forms must be submitted by students themselves with a picture-identification. Forms submitted by a person other than the students themselves will not be accepted or processed, unless accompanied by a written and signed permission by the student.

Verification of Student Enrollment or Degree Status
The Verification Request Form is used to verify a student’s enrollment status. This form requires five work-days of processing time, however, it will not be processed if the student has any outstanding financial obligations to MassBay.

Verification of Student Enrollment Status may also be requested online through the self-service Student Center. If requesting online, no form is necessary.

Students may request enrollment verifications in writing. Send us a written, signed and dated request, indicating what it is you want and where you want them to be sent etc. We will need as much information about you as possible, ie. Full name, Massbay’s student ID number, dates of birth, social security number, dates of attendance etc. And a phone number where we can contact you. Our address is: 50 Oakland St, Wellesley Hills, MA 02481

All forms must be picked up by students themselves with a picture-identification. Forms being picked up by a person other than the students themselves will not be permitted unless accompanied by a written and signed permission by the student.

Students, lending agencies, employment agencies, other organizations or institutions may request enrollment or degree verifications online, via national Student Clearinghouse web site at:  No form is necessary.

National Student Clearinghouse
2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 300
Herndon, VA 20171
(703) 742-4200

Please Note: Enrollment verifications for future semesters are done only after the add/drop period deadline for that semester.

Change of Personal Information
This form is used when a student needs to change their name, address, or Social Security Number. Addresses may be changed online through the self-service Student Center. No form is necessary if changing address online. All forms must be submitted by students themselves and picture-identification is required for all change requests. In addition official, legal, written proof is necessary for all name and/or Social Security Number change requests. Click here to download the form.