Welcome to MassBay Community College.

Accepted Students

5 Steps to Begin Your Future at MassBay Community College

Congratulations! Welcome to MassBay Community College!


Celebrate, Connect, and Visit
Once you receive your acceptance letter, share the news with your family and friends! Get to know the MassBay community by following us on Facebook ( and on Twitter (@MassBayCommCol). Another great resource is the official MassBay Community College website at The website is where you can locate great information regarding on-campus events, academic programs, and student life.


Schedule your College Placement Test Appointment
Online at or call 781-239-2620 to make an appointment for your Placement Test. Placement Testing is an important foundational piece of your education; the results determine the level of coursework you need to take in English and Math. MassBay provides FREE test preparation workshops. If you have previously completed college-level coursework in English and Math, you may not have to take the Placement Test. Please note that you will need to show a picture ID at your appointment.


Apply for Financial Aid
Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the school year you are planning to enroll at MassBay. The FAFSA is used to determine your eligibility for federal and state financial aid. The FAFSA is located online at Be sure to add MassBay Community College’s federal school code number: 002171. If you have questions regarding financial aid you can call the office at 781-239-2600 or send an emailto

MassBay Students

Register for Orientation and Registration
MassBay offers numerous Orientation and Registration sessions for all new incoming students. These sessions are called SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, & Registration). The on-campus or online SOAR session is where you will be introduced to and work with our faculty and staff, become acclimated to the college, meet with an academic advisor, and register for your college courses. You will leave your on-campus SOAR session with your college course schedule in hand.

There are many sessions to choose from. You must complete your Placement Testing before attending a SOAR session. (See step three on how to register for your Placement Testing.) To register for a required Orientation and Registration session, please visit or call 781-239-2721. Please note that you will need to show a picture ID at your appointment.


Take Care of Business

  • Make arrangements to pay your tuition and fees.
  • Take care of your health insurance. If you register for nine or more credits, you will be charged for health insurance at MassBay. This fee may be waived if you are covered under another health insurance plan.
  • Complete and submit your immunization forms.
  • International students on an F-1 Visa must plan to attend the required international student orientation.
  • Find all of your MassBay computer and online tools in the Student Technology Tutorial
  • Check your MassBay email frequently for updates.
  • Purchase text books for your classes.
  • Apply for your student parking pass or consider the public transportation options available to you.
  • Pick up you student ID from the Student Development Office.
  • Begin classes.

Important College Contact Information


Academic Advising Office
Wellesley Hills & Framingham:

Admissions Office
Wellesley Hills:

Financial Aid Office
Wellesley Hills:

Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR)
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Placement Testing
Wellesley Hills & Framingham:


Office of the Registrar
Wellesley Hills:

Student Accounts Office
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Student Development Office
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Wellesley Hills Campus Bookstore
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Framingham Campus Bookstore