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Success with Grants at MassBay

Title III Student Success Initiatives

In August 2010, MassBay Community College was awarded a Title III-A Strengthening Institutions grant. This project is intended to transform MassBay Community College by improving the academic achievement, persistence, retention, and engagement of its students. An essential aspect of the grant is to strengthen academic quality and improve student engagement through innovative student success initiatives. This 5-year project is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education through a two million dollar grant (2010-2015). The fundamental goal of the Title III grant is to seamlessly incorporate successful and sustainable initiatives into the College, and to replicate the projects on a broader scale. In this way, the whole College community is a part of the Title III Student Success Initiative.

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Department of Labor Consortia Grant InitiativeMassachusetts Community Colleges and Workforce Transformation Agenda (DOL)

MassBay Community College supports students along efficient pathways into high-demand careers. As part of the Transformation Agenda, MassBay Community College, in partnership with Massachusetts Employment and Training Resources and Partnerships for a Skilled Workforce, is helping adults in the MetroWest and Worcester area get back to work by providing the credentials and skills needed to secure lucrative employment.

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The Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE)

MassBay Community College was awarded a FIPSE Grant through the United States Department of Education. The grant supported innovative projects that responded to issues of national and global significance. The primary goal of the MassBay-UMass-Boston Haiti initiative was to pilot, in Massachusetts and in Haiti, a portable, replicable model of international service-learning that transformed learning into doing, relied on a multidisciplinary, sequential curriculum and, engendered life-long commitments to global civic engagement through educational opportunities.

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The MetroWest Tinkershop

MassBay and MetroWest STEM Education Network were recently awarded grant funds to create the “MetroWest Tinkershop.” This program allowed middle and high school students to explore sophisticated design tools such as CAD/CAM software, SolidWorks, AutoCAD and 3D rapid prototyping machines. This grant-funded initiative increased the community’s understanding of the advanced manufacturing field, provided early exposure to the field of manufacturing, and gave high school students the opportunity to earn college-level credits in CAD and 3D printing.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sea Grant

MassBay participated in the Boston Initiative in Marine Biology and Submersible Technology project funded by the MIT Sea Grant. This project allowed Boston-area high school students who were participants in the MIT Upward Bound program to conduct exhilarating, ongoing, interdisciplinary research with MassBay scientists and scholars who were studying the ecological impact of an active volcano in the Caribbean islands. The MIT Sea Grant allowed MassBay to provide a collaborative learning experience for both