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President's Cabinet 2015-2016

Lisa Bacon*
Interim Vice President for Human Resources, Employee Relations, & Compliance Affirmative Action Officer

Elizabeth Blumberg, Psy.D.*
Dean of Students

Karen Britton*
Assistant to the President

Colleen Coffey
Director of the Metrowest College Planning Center

Lynne Davis, Ed.D.
Dean of Health Sciences

Lynn Hunter, Ed.D.*
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Courtney B. Jackson, Ph.D.*
Chief Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Officer


Chitra Javdekar, Ph.D.
Dean of STEM

Kathleen Kirleis*
Vice President for Finance and Administration

Lee Koh*
Director of Marketing and Institutional Communications

Christopher LaBarbera, Ph.D.
Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences

Susan Maggioni, Ph.D.
Dean of Business and Professional Studies

Mary Shia*
Vice President for Development

Lisa Slavin*
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management

* Executive Team