Student Life at MassBay

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Student Clubs

If you have questions about any of the clubs listed or would like further information, please fill out the Club Interest Form. See bottom of the page.

Business Club

The Mission of the Business Club is to enhance interest in business, encourage ethical business behavior, promote professionalism and leadership and encourage more participation in philanthropic endeavors. The Club provides an opportunity for students using learned business skills to engage in fund raisers for worthy causes and community service. The Club also provides students interested in business an opportunity to network with business professionals and leaders, to learn more about, and understand the role of business in our society.

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club's mission is to foster a supportive environment at MassBay for writers of any form or genre to create, share, workshop, and showcase their writing. A central focus of the club's activities is the publication of lumière, MassBay's literary magazine. Interested in joining our magazine staff or learning more? Contact us or submit your creative work to!

Computer Science Club

In the Computer Science Club, students will have the opportunity to develop for the collaboration of projects involving robotic and electronic engineering. Projects such as Telepresence, Wearable technology, etc. Club will also organize teams that will have a chance to participate in conferences or competitions

Early Childhood Club

The Early Childhood Club offers students an opportunity to work as a team on service projects which impact families in need of assistance with children in local early childhood programs.

Engineering Club

The Engineering Club has the common goal of expanding student skills and knowledge of engineering disciplines. Students develop projects using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and SolidWorks. Members of the club will prototype SolidWorks modules and print them on the MassBay 3D printer, and will learn programming languages to program them.

Equality Alliance

The mission of the Equality Alliance is to provide the MassBay community a safe space to be themselves and provide awareness and education about issues facing the LGBTQ+ community in the local area and in the world.

Harry Potter Club

The Harry Potter Club provides an opportunity for Harry Potter fans to come together to discuss all things HP. The Harry Potter Club will gather once per week to either watch a Harry Potter movie, play a board game, and have fun with others who share the common interest of Harry Potter

Human Services Club

The Human Services club is an organization to have students meet with Human Services professionals and meet with other students interested in the Human Services Field. The club does a variety of things such as go to conferences, attend special events, meet professionals, raise money for causes, fundraise for the scholarship fund for Human Service students at MassBay and to work together for the greater good.

Indian Club of MassBay

The purpose of the club is to hold social, cultural, and educational events to inform and educate the community at large about the Vedic tradition and heritage of Indians. It is open to all students and MassBay community.

International Club

The club serves MassBay students by promoting tolerance and acceptance amongst different cultures and lifestyles present in our student population. We are hoping to create awareness of the issues that international students are affected.

Legal Studies & Criminal Justice Club

The Legal Studies & Criminal Justice Club is open to all students and promotes professional, networking, and social activities for those interested in Law Enforcement, Paralegal and other areas of the Legal Profession. The Club provides students with opportunities to interact with individuals working in the legal field through Club sponsored school activities, such as the Living the Law Speaker Series.

MassBay Drama Club

MassBay Community College students dedicated to the art of theater. Our goal is to better our performing capabilities by putting on performances to entertain the college and surrounding communities.

MassBay Gamer’s Guild

The MassBay Gamer’s guild is dedicated to fostering a community at Massbay through games of all sorts. It’s our mission to ensure members of our club have fun and make friends through the games that we all enjoy or play. The club is representative of all kinds of Gamers, whether you play Tabletop Games, Board Games, Video Games, Card Games, or just really like Rock, Paper, and Scissors.

MassBay Veterans’ Club

The purpose of this organization is to unite students with the common goal of looking after the personal, academic and social wellbeing of MassBay Veterans of the United States Armed Services.

Nursing Club

The Nurses Club is a club comprised of students from all academic fields who wish to contribute to the community by performing volunteer activities. It is also a supportive network of students who meet once a month to discuss the challenges of being a college student and help one another to resolve some of these challenges.

Rad Tech Visions Club

The Mission of the Rad Tech Vision Club is to promote professionalism, leadership and participation in community service opportunities. The Club provides an opportunity for students to develop organizational, leadership and communication skills to engage in fundraisers for professional advancement opportunities and community service. Members are provided with an awareness of greater professional societies which promote the profession of Radiologic Technology and the philanthropic endeavors of our local Professional Society and the opportunity to represent the MassBay Radiologic Technology Program at Professional Society events.

Zoe Club

The Zoe club is a Haitian group open to anyone who shares our common interest. Whether you are Haitian, have Haitian family or friends, or would like to learn more about the Haitian culture, you are welcome to join us!

If you have questions about any of the clubs listed or would like further information, please fill out the Club Interest Form.