Student Life at MassBay

Your dreams. Our mission.

Student Clubs

Anime Club

The Anime Club is dedicated to bringing anime fans together, to expand their tastes in anime, and introduce new people to anime as a medium.

For more information, email Matthew Walsh or call 781-239-2623.

Business Club

Holds regular meetings for members and invited guests to discuss current business events and their impact. Plans special meetings for guest speakers to discuss topics of interest and holds events to encourage local community participation with MassBay and increase community awareness. Provides assistance and guidance for members for résumé preparation and other pertinent issues for students. Holds fund raising events for local charities.

For more information, email Carolyn Gould or call 978-761-7197.

Computer Science Club

Students develop software for collaborative projects involving robotic and electronic engineering, projects such as Telepresence, Wearable technology, etc. Club organized teams also have the chance to participate in conferences or competitions.

For more information, email Tony Sena or call 508-292-5614.

Engineering Club

Students developing projects using Arduino, rasbbery pi, and solidworks. The club will be engaged in a hands on experience by prototyping solidworks modules and then 3D printing them, as well as be involved in learning computer language to program.

For more information, email Marina Bograd or call 617-460-0279.

Entrepreneurship Club

Focusing on the development of soft and hard skills, the Entrepreneurship club will dive deeper into the implementation of subjects such as: economics, accounting, investment theory, marketing, and management. All students are welcome and will have the opportunity to network with prominent Entrepreneurs.

For more information, email Monifa Wilds or call 781-239-2700.

Gamer’s Guild

The Gamer's Guild is a social club for students that wish to interact with each other in a casual setting and fulfill the "College Experience". Students are encouraged to get to know one another to help form a stronger sense of community within the school.

The club is representative of all kinds of Gamers, whether you play Tabletop Games, Board Games, Video Games, Card Games, or just really like Rock, Paper, and Scissors.

For more information, email James Grenier or call 781-239-3164.

Glee Club

The foundation of Glee Club is song, dance, and a sense of community. This year we're opening our doors to any and all artists that wish to play their part on stage. Each week we learn a new form of performance art — from original songs and contemporary dance to spoken word poetry and improvisation. Music is an invaluable part of our group and brings character into all that we do. Our members get free one-on-one Vocal Coaching to improve their talents or combat stage fright. Everything we practice throughout each semester is composed into an incredible Showcase we put on at the end of the year. When we're not practicing, we are bringing glee to the community by hosting events, fundraising for a cause, or volunteering with local non-profits.

For more information, email Brendan Fraser or call 781-239-2784.

Human Services Club

The Human Services club is an organization to have students meet with Human Services professionals and meet with other students interested in the Human Services Field. The club does a variety of things such as go to conferences, attend special events, meet professionals, raise money for causes, fund raise for the scholarship fund for Human Service students at MassBay and to work together for the greater good.

For more information, email Maxine Elmont or call 508-270-4265.

Indian Club

Indian club of MassBay has a social, cultural, and educational purpose that informs on Vedic tradition of Indians. It is open to all students and MassBay community.

For more information, email Mona Khaitan or call 781-239-2279.

Legal Studies & Criminal Justice Club

The Legal Studies & Criminal Justice Club is open to all students and promotes professional, networking, and social activities for those interested in Law Enforcement, Paralegal and other areas of the Legal Profession. The Club provides students with opportunities to interact with individuals working in the legal field through Club sponsored school activities, such as the Living the Law Speaker Series.

For more information, email Kara Lucciola at or call 781-239-2243.

Literary Club

The Literary Club’s mission is to foster a supportive environment at MassBay for writers of any genre to create, share, critique and showcase their writing.

For more information, email Matt Walsh at or 781-239-2623.

MassBay Gospel Choir

The MassBay Choir’s purpose is to motivate students to develop their musical and vocal abilities. We hope to teach the MassBay Community that music can be a tool for education by serving students with music and spiritual motivation through our combined voices.

For more information, email Donna Vizzo at or call 508-270-4006.

MassBay Drama Club

MassBay Community College students dedicated to the art of theater. Our goal is to better our performing capabilities by putting on performances to entertain the college and surrounding communities.

For more information, email Kristen Wivagg

MassBay Veterans’ Club

The purpose of this organization is to unite students with the common goal of looking after the personal, academic and social well being of MassBay Veterans of the United States Armed Services.

For more information, email Gary Donato or call 781-239-2663.

Nursing Club

The purpose of the Nurses’ Club is to provide support to each other, organize, and seek out community opportunity, as well as raise money for our pinning ceremony. We are open to helping students who feel overwhelmed or stressed in the nursing program. We want to ensure everyone's success in the program and lower costs of the pinning ceremony.

For more information, email Joyce Mancini or call 508-270-4061.