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Student Assistance

Childcare Reimbursement Program

The Childcare Reimbursement Program was jointly established in October 1992 by the Student Government Association and MassBay Community College. The Childcare Reimbursement Program provides an opportunity for eligible students to receive partial reimbursement for childcare services. Among other criteria, the childcare services must be provided by a Massachusetts state licensed childcare center or with a Massachusetts state licensed childcare provider.  Contact the Office of Student Development directly for an application and complete description of the Childcare Reimbursement Program.


College Appeals Board

The College Appeals Board (CAB) provides an efficient and impartial means for responding to the following issues:

  • Eligibility to apply for Academic Readmission to Selective Programs (Health Sciences, & Automotive)
  • Eligibility to apply for Academic Readmission to the College
  • Request for a Course Withdrawal After the Published Deadline Due to Special Exception

Requests for review of the College Appeals Board are obtained from the Office of Student Development. The College Appeals Board does not consider inquiries handled via the Student Grievance Process, Grade Appeal Process, the College Judicial Board, and the Affirmative Action Officer. Please refer to the MassBay Student Handbook regarding this information.



The Office of Student Development manages the College's compliance related to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), hazing, CORI, SORI, and student immunization records.


Complaint/Grievance Process

The Student Grievance Procedure may be used by a student to address complaints concerning the alleged abridgment of the student's rights, as stated in the College's Student Handbook. Before invoking the Student Grievance Procedure, a reasonable effort shall be made by those involved in a dispute to resolve it amicably. A dispute is most effectively handled and resolved by those closest to the problem, having the best understanding of the issues, and having the ability to formulate a mutually acceptable resolution. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the student, the potential subject of a grievance, and the College to resolve disputes through open and cooperative dialogue. Only when such efforts are unsuccessful should the Student Grievance Procedure be invoked. Throughout all phases of the Student Grievance Procedure, all reasonable efforts shall be made to maintain confidentiality in accordance with applicable law. Contact an Associate Dean of Students at the Office of Student Development directly to initiate an official grievance.


The Student Grievance Procedure may not be used for complaints alleging sexual harassment or discrimination. When a student believes that s/he has been discriminated against due to his/her race, creed, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information or national origin, the College's Affirmative Action Grievance Procedure is a mechanism for resolution.  The College's Affirmative Action Officer is the Director of Human Resources.



If you are troubled, or have a peer, classmate, co-worker, or friend who is, MassBay offers assistance to and information that will guide you to resources about the College’s counseling and advising resources, and give you the means to get help for yourself or a friend.


Emergency Grant Fund

The MassBay Community College Foundation Emergency Grant Fund was established to assist students who have an unforeseen financial emergency which would otherwise prevent them from continuing attending MassBay Community College. These funds are not designed to be a consistent supplement to a student's education funding sources. Requests must be urgent in nature. The Emergency Grant Fund committee will review each application request and make a recommendation accordingly.


Contact a Dean of Students at the Office of Student Development directly for an application to the Emergency Grant Fund.


Student Enrichment &Textbook Fund

In response to escalating textbook costs, the Student Government Association at MassBay Community College established the Student Enrichment and Textbook Fund. In addition to private contributions, this fund has been established by a $5 per student (full & part time) waivable fee. Funds are limited and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. The Student Enrichment & Textbook Fund is managed by the MassBay Foundation.


Download the application and complete description of the Student Enrichment & Textbook Fund.


Voter Registration

Each educational institution that receives federal funding must make a good faith effort to distribute mail voter registration forms to students. Voter registration forms are available in the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Student Development.