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The athletic program at MassBay Community College promotes a student-centered learning environment by complementing the academic mission of the College. This objective is accomplished through a variety of programs: intercollegiate, intramural competition as well as recreation and wellness activities.

Through our participation in athletics, we grow in respect for others as we develop responsibility, integrity, perseverance and the ideals of sportsmanship. These activities inspire participants to reach for standards of excellence and to develop character through both individual and collaborative action. At the same time, responsibility to the community and the academic program requires that all participants adhere to the highest standards of personal and civic behavior. Maintaining this balance between academics and athletics is a challenge that teaches commitment and self-discipline.

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Bill Raynor
Director of Athletics, Recreation, and Wellness
Office: 781-239-2665

Adam E. Nelson Sr.
Associate Director of Athletics, Recreation, and Wellness
Office: 781-239-2664


Bill Raynor
Head Basketball Coach
Office: 781-239-2665

Nick Faggas
Head Baseball Coach

Ernie Cimino
Head Men’s Soccer Coach

Allie Strattner
Head Cheerleading Coach