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MassBay Students Awarded $97,000 in Scholarships


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MassBay Students Awarded $97,000 in Scholarships

WELLESLEY HILLS, MA (February 9, 2018) – MassBay Community College is pleased to announce 94 students were awarded $97,000 in scholarships for the Spring 2018 semester. The generous donations received by the MassBay Foundation, makes it possible for these 94 students to continue their studies a little easier.


Among the students who received these scholarships are single mothers, veterans, first to go to college students, and many more who these scholarships make all the difference. All donations made to the MassBay Foundation go directly to students in the form of scholarships. MassBay holds two Donor Appreciation and Scholarship Awards nights each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. These students will be invited to attend the Spring Evening of Appreciation on March 22, 2018 to be honored for their awards.


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The students, awarded scholarships and hometowns are listed here;



·         Whitney Gifford – Merit 4.0 Scholarship



·         Ashley Haworth – General Scholarship, Richard P. Carbone Scholarship

·         Jessica Wilkinson – General Scholarship, Health Sciences Scholarship

·         Michelle Fleet – Single Parent Scholarship

·         Laura Giargiari – General Scholarship

·         Katherine Emberley – General Scholarship, Richard P. Carbone Scholarship

·         Angela Faneuff – Merit 4.0 Scholarship



·         Amanda Lina Andrade – Growth and Generosity Scholarship, Angelina Grimaldi Cioffari &Vincent Grimaldi Cioffari Scholarship, Health Sciences Scholarship, Alumni Nursing Scholarship

·         Anthony Salgado – General Scholarship, Re-entry Scholarship



·         Ryan Cleary – Merit Most Improved Student Scholarship, Merit 4.0 Scholarship



·         Jeremiah Lenoch – Growth and Generosity Scholarship, General Scholarship, Krystle Campbell Scholarship, Merit 4.0 Scholarship



·         Dennys Gonzalez – Merit Most Improved Student Scholarship, General Scholarship, Automotive Technology Scholarship

·         Matthew Trieger – Merit Scholar Athlete Scholarship



·         Phu Nguyen – Cyber Security Scholarship



·         Alexandra Hackman – Merit 4.0 Scholarship



·         Kristin Lebovitz – Growth and Generosity Scholarship, General Scholarship, The Felix and Nellie Juliani Scholarship, Merit 4.0 Scholarship



·         Chitra Harris – General Scholarship



·         Edberg Andre – General Scholarship, Re-entry Scholarship

·         Gabriela DeJesus – Health Sciences Scholarship

·         Lucas Lemos – Growth and Generosity Scholarship, General Scholarship, Richard P. Carbone Scholarship

·         Maria Mizhirumbay Tacuri – Growth and Generosity Scholarship, General Scholarship, Krystle Campbell Scholarship, Richard P. Carbone Scholarship

·         Somtobechukwu Ojoko – General Scholarsip, Louise Mayer Scholarship

·         Fabiola Mendez-Torres – Alumni Scholarship

·         Arielle Grosser – Merit 4.0 Scholarship

·         Charles Dulphe – Merit Scholar Athlete Scholarship

·         Gustaf Njei – General Scholarship, Merit Scholar Athelete Scholarship

·         Frank Loguidice – Division Award

·         Yoel Lignabou – Merit Scholar Athlete Scholarship

·         Ismael Maganga-Bakita – Merit Scholar Athelete Scholarship

·         Elaine Minnehan – General Scholarship



·         Viktoryia Acharatsianaya – General Scholarship



·         Anne Aldrich – Merit 4.0 Scholarship



·         Julian Sousa – General Schoarship, Richard P. Carbone Scholarship



·         Philip Gebler – General Schoarship, Krystle Campbell Schoarship



·         Bryan Day – Merit Scholar Athlete Scholarship


Hyde Park

·         Julius Newton – Cyber Security Scholarship


Jamaica Plain

·         Lisa Sano Serrano – General Scholarship



·         Katelyn Reilly – Virginia F. Sapienza Scholarship

·         Linda Decker – Health Sciences Scholarship

·         Christina Cesar – General Scholarship

·         Seth Gillis – Merit 4.0 Scholarship

·         Nicholas Scheer – General Scholarship



·         Shellee Kuzyanov – General Scholarship, Re-entry Scholarship, Single Parent Scholarship

·         Abigail Zajac – General Scholarship, Merit 4.0 Scholarship



·         Ronald Ead – General Scholarship, Re-entry Scholarship, Automotive Technolgy Scholarship



·         Daniel Abraham – General Scholarship, Re-entry Scholarship

·         Irina Greer – Single Parent Scholarship



·         Krista Bifano – Health Sciences Scholarship



·         Gabriela Faria – General Scholarship, Single Parent Scholarship

·         Patricia Kohls – General Scholarship, Re-entry Scholarship, 50th Reunion Scholarship, Single Parent Scholarship



·         Ashley Mucciarone – General Scholarship, Health Sciences Scholarship

·         James Casey – General Scholarship, Merit 4.0 Scholarship

·         Alex Mioduszewski – General Scholarship, Gianni Soler



·         Cinthia Scudere-Chapman – Division Award, Health Sciences Scholarship


Newton Center

·         Dennis Gesin – Richard P. Carbone Scholarship

·         Jinyoung Ham – General Scholarship


Newton Upper Falls

·         Yena Kim – Merit 4.0 Scholarship



·         Vincent Briselli – General Scholarship, Merit 4.0 Scholarship


North Attleboro

·         Noelle Brooks – General Scholarship, Re-Entry Scholarship, Health Sciences Scholarship


North Grafton

·         Stevie LeBlanc – Growth and Generosity Scholarship, General Scholarship



·         George Khnaizir – General Scholarship, Division Award, Re-entry Scholarship, Dr. Bruce Jackson Endowed Scholarship



·         Lily Zhang – Re-entry Scholarship, Richard P. Carbone Scholarship, Single Parent Scholarship



·         Nayanne Silva – General Scholarship


South Deerfield

·         Mary Taylor – Growth and Generosity Scholarship, Re-entry Scholarship, Richard P. Carbone Scholarship



·         Edgar Cupertino – General Scholarship, Dr. Yves Saolmon-Fernandez Spring Semester Scholarship

·         Kevin Ramirez – Merit Scholar Athlete Scholarship



·         Michael Perryman – Virginia F. Sapienza Scholarship, Single Parent Scholarship



·         Jacob Rosen – Merit Scholar Athlete Scholarship



·         Brittany Lunny – Merit 4.0 Scholarship



·         Emma Laurie – Growth and Generosity Scholarship



·         Dante Small – General Scholarship, Health Sciences Scholarship



·         Nafis Kabir – Growth and Generosity Scholarship

·         Ernest Pellegrino – Merit 4.0 Scholarship

·         Sophia Limoncielle – President’s Scholars Scholarship, Merit 4.0 Scholarship

·         Kevin Castillo – MassBay Community College Foundation Board Scholarship

·         Sarah Chase – Angelina Grimaldi Cioffari & Vincent Grimaldi Cioffari Scholarship

·         Sara Zuckerman – General Scholarship



·         Jennifer Rivera – General Scholarship

·         Allyson Kazanjian – General Scholarship, Richard P. Carbone Scholarship

·         Paul Gorham – General Scholarship, Alumni Scholarship



·         Justyna Kowalczyk – Health Sciences Scholarship



·         Madeleine Weaver – Re-entry Scholarship


West Hatfield

·         Ethan Wing – Automotive Tehcnology Scholarship


West Newbury

·         Adam Berkeley – President’s Scholars Scholarship, Automotive Technology Scholarship


West Newton

·         Christian Hardy – General Scholarship, Re-entry Scholarship

·         Christopher Wood – Merit 4.0 Scholarship


West Roxbury

·         Chrystal Ehnert – Merit 4.0 Scholarship

·         Kiley Grundstrom – Merit 4.0 Scholarship



·         Wing Pang – Merit 4.0 Scholarship



·         Mimi O’Shea – Health Sciences Scholarship

·         Gregory Scannell – Growth and Generosity Scholarship, Krystle Campbell Scholarship, Richard P. Carbone Scholarship

·         Jacqueline Ng – Division Award, Merit 4.0 Scholarship



·         Francesca Molino – General Scholarship, Re-entry Scholarship, Louise Mayer Scholarship, Health Sciences Scholarship


Derry, NH

·         Kevin Amor – Automotive Technology Scholarship


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MassBay Community College was recently ranked by the Brookings Institution as one of the top schools for value added and earned salaries in the workforce. Ranked #1 for 2-year colleges in Massachusetts, #2 in New England and ranked #16 nationally. The College’s facilities in Wellesley Hills, Framingham and Ashland house day, evening and weekend classes that meet the needs of degree-seeking students and career minded life-long learners. Online options provide convenience and allow faculty to facilitate the learning process. Since its founding in 1961, MassBay has been accredited by several governing bodies and strives to meet the needs of the diverse local communities it serves.