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Session Themes

Because this conference is interdisciplinary and interprofessional, each of the break-out session period will offer relevant presentations in the following categories:

Clinical issues regarding trauma and resilience relevant to adult post-secondary populations with emphasis on cognitive and relational skills with topics such as:

  • Mental health and the college classroom, mental health and social workers in the post-secondary clinical setting, family issues for the adult learner, diagnostic issues in PTSD, Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Developmental Disorder, and ADHD, and so forth.

Cognitive and neuro-scientific findings relevant to trauma, resilience, and adult learning with topics such as:

  • understanding potential triggers in the educational setting, brain-based learning strategies, and so forth

Allied Health education regarding trauma and resilience as a regular factor in the medical setting with topics such as:

  • First responder professions such as EMT, managing stress and burnout in high-stress medical professions, pedagogical issues related to allied health education, and so forth.

Pedagogical issues with topics such as student self-disclosure of traumatic narrative in academic writing, such as teaching potentially triggering materials such as Holocaust literature and slave narratives, possible challenges presented by adjunct/part-time instructor not teaching in the evening or online, displacement trauma in the ESL/ELL classroom, trauma awareness and implications for best practice, and other relevant topics.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Military and veteran service members and the post-secondary experience with topics such as:

  • Post-deployment re-entry issues, understanding veteran resources both on campus and in the community, Veteran benefits, and so forth.

Institutional issues as related to trauma with topics such as:

  • Framing trauma as a retention issue, security and threat assessment on campus, implications for a trauma-informed post-secondary framework, and so forth.