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Kevin Maguire

Kevin Maguire

Member, MassBay Foundation

Master in Urban Planning, Harvard University
Graduate School of Design; B.S. Civil and
Environmental Engineering, Cornell University

Kevin Maguire is an urban entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the building, design and development fields. His experience includes work as a construction laborer, environmental engineer, construction manager, real estate consultant and housing developer. This breadth of experience, in addition to academic degrees in civil/environmental engineering and urban planning/development, gives Kevin unique exposure and insight into the personalities, perspectives and motivations of the various participants involved in the process of urban redevelopment. Kevin’s passion, and ultimate motivation, is to contribute to the solution of contemporary urban issues be it from his professional position shaping the built environment, from volunteer efforts in important community institutions or from analysis and discourse on an academic level. Urban innovation, from the perspective of Oxbow Partners, involves attracting, focusing and coordinating those stake holders with the talent, tolerance and passion to endure the difficult process of change. Establishing trust via clear communication, insightful concepts, and tireless execution is the key. Collaboration. Commitment. Results.