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Sherel Smalls


Sherel Smalls 

“My favorite things about MassBay are the diversity of students and the warm welcome I have received from staff while here.”

Class of 2012

Since she was 7 years old, Sherel Germina Smalls has had a passion for animals: “My parents always had fish, birds, dogs, cats, you name it as pets for me and my sister. I feel like I have a strong connection with animals, and if you can get along with an animal you can get along with anyone!”

“When I told my dad I wanted to be a veterinarian, he made sure I knew the responsibility of dealing with animals and what it would take,” she says. “I volunteered at the Boston, MSPCA when I got older and it confirmed for me that this was my goal.”

After dropping out of Boston Day and Evening Academy, an alternative public charter high school located in Roxbury, Sherel was able to obtain her high school diploma through the North Grafton Job Corps program. As a Dorchester, MA native, Sherel has found that it has been better for her to travel outside the city to further her education. So when choosing a college, MassBay’s quiet location just outside the city was a main factor. “When I tried to go to school near my home, I wasn't good with time management,” she explains. “I allowed a lot of things to distract me and get in my way.” MassBay’s Wellesley Hills campus quickly became a haven where Sherel could study and make new friends easily. “My favorite things about MassBay are the diversity of students and the warm welcome I have received from staff while here,” she notes.

Sherel is currently in the Life Sciences program at MassBay and hopes to graduate and transfer to Ross University’s School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts, West Indies. She has joined the Caribbean club and others which have enhanced her MassBay experience. She credits her parents and her Caribbean heritage for shaping the person she has become, “without those I wouldn’t be Sherel!”

In the future, Sherel wants to obtain her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) License and someday open an animal hospital and rescue shelter for stray animals. Sherel felt that MassBay would provide her with foundation she needs in order to achieve her goals, “and I feel I have achieved that purpose.”

“Ultimately,” Sherel says, “I would like to be an inspiration for the young people in the neighborhood where I reside.”