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Shauna Anzuoni


Shauna Anzuoni - 180   

Shauna knows she wouldn’t be where she is today without her experience at MassBay.  “It gave me more information about going into business. Being at MassBay allowed me to try it and realize that I enjoyed it.  I also made a lot of friends here that I still talk to today.”


Age: 29
Hometown: Medway, Massachusetts
Major: Business Administration

On a still-dark and chilly October morning at 6:00 am, the MassBay Community College cheerleaders got in formation and performed their first cheer of 2013. Aside from the early hour, what made the performance a bit unusual was that it was broadcast on live television! As part of their first College Tour series, FOX -25 broadcast live from the Wellesley Hills campus during their 6 -10 am morning news show on October 17th. The eight women on the MassBay cheerleading squad were the first representatives of the College to be aired that morning, and while the squad varied in age, hometown, and experience, they launched the FOX broadcast that morning with the spirit and energy their leader, Shauna Anzuoni, hoped for.

“I thought they did a really good job,” said Shauna. “They only had our organizational meeting and one practice before they had to get out there, so considering how little time we had to prepare I felt they totally nailed it.”

Shauna, 29, started the cheerleaders program at MassBay in 2007 while she was a student. Athletics Director Bill Raynor discovered her teaching a friend how to stretch properly in the Recreation & Wellness Center one morning. “He asked me if I was a dancer,” she recalls. When Shauna told him no, she was a cheerleader, Raynor asked her on the spot if she wanted to coach. Since she was always interested in cheering and fitness, she agreed to give it a try. Six years later, despite no longer being enrolled at MassBay, Shauna still coaches the cheerleading team.

“Some of the girls have a lot of experience cheering, and some don’t have any,” she says. “They all love it. I always have girls who did it once wanting to return for the next season. We have a good time with it.”

Shauna Anzuoni’s own higher education journey took seven years, covered three majors, involved two career changes and three institutions. And while it took a great deal of determination, Shauna knew she wanted to get her degree.

“I wanted it for myself,” she says. “I knew I wouldn’t be the greatest I could be unless I had my degree.”

After graduating from Medway High School, Shauna enrolled at Fitchburg State. She spent three years as a biology major, with an eye on a career in forensics. “I didn’t want to be a lab rat – I wanted to be a detective,” she notes. But after three years, she realized there were simply too many deterrents to break into that field.

She left Bridgewater and took a semester off to decide what to do next. In a sharp departure from her original career aspiration, she decided to transfer her credits from Fitchburg State and enroll in MassBay’s Business Administration Associate Degree program.

“I came to MassBay as a stepping stone,” she says. “A lot of people in Medway know about it because it is so close to us. I found it to be very convenient. In fact, I was able to schedule all my classes so I could be home by 2:00 pm so I could go to work.”

In 2008, Shauna transferred her MassBay credits to the University of Phoenix to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, where she really enjoyed the online coursework.

“I just prefer to read and write papers rather than lectures,” she explains. “During lectures I tend to zone out. Turns out I did so much better with online classes – my grades had never been better!”

While studying at Phoenix, Shauna began working at the Charles River Bank in her hometown of Medway. After one year as a teller, she was promoted to personal banker in 2010. She has worked there ever since. Also in 2010, Shauna earned her degree.

She knows she wouldn’t be where she is today without her experience at MassBay. “It gave me more information about going into business,” she says. “Being at MassBay allowed me to try it and realize that I enjoyed it. I also made a lot of friends here that I still talk to today.”

Shauna intends to one day earn her Master’s Degree and will remain in the world of business.

Shauna Anzuoni transferred credits from Fitchburg State into MassBay and was enrolled from 2006 – 2008. She transferred her MassBay credits to the University of Phoenix and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing in 2010. She is still on the MassBay campus today, coaching the cheerleading squad that performs at every MassBay men’s basketball home game.