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Scholarship Opportunities

Massachusetts Automobile Dealers Automotive Technician Scholarship Program


 If you have always been inspired by cars, enjoy the challenge of taking things apart and problem-solving to put them all back together, then you might think about a career as an automotive technician. 

 The Massachusetts Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation offers thousands of dollars to students attending MassBay Community College and other qualified colleges offering a two year, degree-granting automotive program. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! 


 Students may be: 

  •  Any age. 
  •  Retraining for a career change or recent high school graduate. 
  •  Living or working out-of-state, as long as co-op work is with a dealership or dealer group based in Massachusetts. Please call us to confirm that your co-op dealership qualifies. 
  •  Entering or currently enrolled at an automotive program at one of the qualified colleges. 


 Your training program must: 

  •  Be supported by an auto manufacturer. 
  •  Be taught at an accredited (post-secondary) educational institution. 
  •  Grant a degree. 
  •  Include a co-op component based in Massachusetts. 

How much are the scholarships worth?
Every year we give out 25 scholarships worth $1,000 per semester, for as much as $4,000 total over two years and four full scholarships (full tuition and fees). Recipients must meet academic requirements each semester to continue to qualify. (One of these requirements includes maintaining a GPA of 3.0 in your automotive classes). 

To be considered for full scholarships:
You must fill out a FAFSA. Please contact the  Financial Aid  office if you have any questions about this form. To fill out a FAFSA online, please visit:  

Applications are available online on December of each year for the following Fall.  

 Questions? Call 617-451-1051 or visit