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Juan Carlos Batista


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“I strongly believe MassBay had a big impact in opening my mind and helping me grow professionally and personally,” he says. “I know if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”


Age: 27
Hometown: Hyde Park, Massachusetts
Major: Associate Degree in Business Administration, 2010

“When I put my mind into something and work hard, I get results,” says Juan Carlos Batista, who graduated from MassBay with an Associate Degree in Business Administration in 2010.  Today he is finishing his turn in the Management Training Program at the Village Bank in Newton, poised for a new position that accentuates his skills and interests.

After graduating from Boston English High School, Carlos knew he didn’t want to go directly to college.  “I needed time away from school.  I needed to grow up a little bit,” he says.  That time away “helped me be the student I was at MassBay.”

After high school he worked at Boch Honda in the parts department.  He credits his manager, who recognized the potential in Carlos.  “He asked me, `What do you really want to do?’” Carlos says.  “He encouraged me to go back to school.  I had just recently had a daughter, so I knew I needed to focus on my future and my career.”

Because Carlos wasn’t sure he was ready for college level work, and because it was up to him to finance his education, he decided to try MassBay.  “Cost played a big role in my decision,” he says.  He knew he wanted a two-year school that was local, and he conferred with some friends who had enrolled there.  He came to campus in the fall of 2006 as a part-time student, eventually enrolling full-time.

“Once I got to MassBay I committed to the work,” says Carlos.  “Professors I had really did care about my education.  Especially because I was unsure if I was ready for college, MassBay was the perfect choice for me.”

Carlos took advantage of the financial aid available to him, and worked hard.  He graduated with honors – “All A’s and B’s,” he says proudly – and was enshrined into the Alpha Beta Gamma International Business Honor Society.

While studying at MassBay, Carlos continued to work part-time and to plan his future.  In 2008, through a personal connection, he was able to land a job as a teller at the Village Bank in Newton.  The bank accommodated his academic schedule, and he has now been there for five years.  He also attended a college fair on the Wellesley Hills campus and learned about UMass-Boston.  “I spoke to the UMass-Boston representative, and he mentioned that a lot of MassBay students go there,” says Carlos.  “It would be a manageable commute, and as a Massachusetts resident the costs would be less.  I also knew I could continue working while studying there.”

Carlos enrolled at UMass-Boston in the fall of 2010.  All 60 of his MassBay credits transferred, and he calculates that he saved around $20,000 by starting at MassBay.  “It’s a lot of money.  If I had to do it all over again I would do it this way,” he says.

He chose their Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting in large part due to MassBay’s Professor of Accounting Mona Khaitan.  “She is tough.  She doesn’t sugarcoat anything,” says Carlos.  “But it was because of her style and her influence that I chose to pursue accounting at UMass.  She is really now a part of me and my success.”

At UMass-Boston Carlos realized that being a transfer student didn’t set him behind other students who had been there for two years longer.  In some ways, he was better prepared.  “I saw some MassBay professors who were teaching the same courses at UMass, and they didn’t lower their expectations or anything,” he explains.  “Professors that have experience teaching at other colleges, that have their Ph.D. – those are the professors I want to take.  Like Professor Diane Harper.  She teaches graduate level courses, but she doesn’t lower her expectations for her MassBay students either.”

“There really is no difference in the education level,” he adds.  “You have to dedicate your time and commit, which is true at any college.”

After graduating from UMass-Boston with honors – all A’s and B’s again – Carlos returned to the Village Bank to work full time.  He was the third employee the bank selected to participate in their Management Training Program, a year-long program that exposes trainees to all aspects of the business.  Carlos completed one month rotations in all departments within the bank, “getting a 360 degree view of all the functions of the bank,” he explains.  “The end goal is to see how all the departments are inter-connected, and even make recommendations on how things could be done more efficiently.”  Later this summer he will present what he learned and his recommendations to the bank’s CEO, CFO, and other senior bank officials.

At that time, Carlos gets the opportunity to propose where he thinks he fits best within the bank.  “I love working with numbers, but I also really enjoy working with customers.  I’ve been told to make my own opportunity within the bank, so it is a great chance to find the right fit for me.”  The Bank recently announced Carlos would be a Commercial Credit Analyst, maximizing his quantitative and interpersonal skills.

Carlos credits his parents for helping him get to where he is today.  His father moved to New York City from the Dominican Republic, and shortly thereafter requested Carlos and his two brothers join him there.  Carlos was seven years old.  Five years later, the family was united when his mother and sister joined them in America.  The family settled in Hyde Park in 1996.

Carlos’s father, Emiliano Batista, has an 8th grade education and has worked in a food manufacturing company for nearly 20 years.  His mother, Dominga Garcia, is a housekeeper with the Marriott Corporation and takes classes to improve her English skills.

“My dad always told us when you work somewhere, work as hard as you can,” says Carlos.  “My mother raised the bar for my brothers and me.  When we were in high school or at the community college, and we saw my mom working and going to school, we know that if she could do it, we could do it.”  All five of the Batista siblings have done well, either attaining a degree or thriving in good jobs.  Carlos’s sister, Jeidy, earned her bachelor’s degree at Regis College and is now pursuing her masters in pharmaceuticals.
“I know my parents are proud of us,” says Carlos.

He is grateful for the opportunity and lessons provided by his parents, and he is also grateful that he made the decision to start his career by attending MassBay.

“I strongly believe MassBay had a big impact in opening my mind and helping me grow professionally and personally,” he says.  “I know if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

Juan Carlos Batista graduated with an Associate in Science Degree in Business Administration in 2010.  He transferred his credits to UMass-Boston and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.  He is now a Commercial Credit Analyst at the Village Bank in Newton, Mass.