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Human Services

 Whether you are looking to enter the Social Service field, upgrade your skills in your current Human Services position, or are interested in pursuing further studies in the Human Services or Social Work fields, this certificate program will meet your needs. 

 The program combines course work in the social sciences, mainly psychology and sociology, with human services courses and seminars. You will gain knowledge of the field and develop professional skills, such as communication, report writing, behavior modification and human relations. You will be complementing your classroom studies with hands-on training through a 150-hour field placement and weekly seminar. 

 Upon completion, a Certificate in Human Services is awarded. 

Career Forecast

  •  Entry-level positions in the Social Services field are plentiful. Employment can be found in a variety of residential programs or community outreach centers that provide for the personal and social needs of individuals. 
  •  You can continue with your education at MassBay and pursue an Associate’s Degree. 


Program Requirements

Course ID

Course Title


First Year

Semester I


 SW 101* 

 Introduction to Social Welfare 


 PS 101 

 Introduction to Psychology 


 SO 202 

 Introduction to Sociology 


 SO 120 

 Disabilities: Diagnosis and Intervention 





 SO 221 

 Drugs, People, and Problems 








 First Year 

 Semester II 


 PS 118 

 Life Span Psychology 


 PS 241 

 Group Process 


 SW 201** 










Total Credits:



 Program Footnotes: 

 * To be taken in the first semester
** Prerequisites: SW 101, SO 120 or SO 221 and PS 241 or permission of the program chair.