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Genevieve Greene

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“I’ve found that if you apply yourself you can do well in any of the classes.” 


Age: 19
Hometown: Brookline, MA
Major: General Studies

After graduating from Brookline High School two years ago, Genevieve Greene did what many of her classmates did – she applied to four-year colleges and universities.  But, she says, her grades weren’t great, and she didn’t get in.  Instead she chose MassBay, figuring she could stay at home, improve her grades, and find an academic program that interested her.  

Well in addition to making that terrific decision two years ago to come to MassBay, Genevieve also made a smart choice by registering for fall classes before May 24th.  In doing so, she was automatically eligible to win Red Sox tickets!  She’ll be attending the June 26th game at Fenway against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Genevieve, 19, has really enjoyed her time at MassBay.  “I like the teachers,” she says, “I’ve found that if you apply yourself you can do well in any of the classes.”

She also appreciates the convenience.  “Some of my friends at four-year schools have to stay up all night to try and get classes that fit their schedule right.  But I take classes on Tuesday and Thursday so I can work on the other days.”  When she’s not taking classes and being a student, Genevieve is a hostess at a restaurant in Chestnut Hill.

Genevieve enters her fifth semester at MassBay this fall, (“I’m on the six year plan,” she says.) with a General Studies major, concentrating in business.  “I’m thinking about management,” she says, “I like to direct people and I’m good at solving problems.”

She hopes to transfer to her dream school, Temple University in Philadelphia.  “It was the only campus I visited where I could see myself there,” she says.  After visiting Temple, Genevieve also noticed an uptick in her grades. 

Today Genevieve is a MassBay ambassador, telling her friends who come home from college to take a few classes at MassBay.  “I tell people if you’re not really sure what you want to do, it’s a great place to get some college credits.”

Genevieve will be back on campus this summer for a pre-calculus class, and because she registered before May 24th, she’ll also be at Fenway Park this summer.  Congratulations Genevieve – enjoy the game!

Genevieve Greene is a General Studies major and intends to transfer to a four-year institution. She is the third winner of the Red Sox ticket promotion to reward returning students who register for fall classes before Commencement in May, 2012.