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Barbara Anne Kearney


 Name: Barbara Anne Kearney
Barbara Anne Kearney-150  
  Title:   Professor, English and Writing
Coordinator, Teaching with Technology




 Applied Linguistics (ABD);
BA (English)




Wellesley Hills Campus

Room 523



 (781) 239-2204

Appointed as the College’s first “Technology in Teaching Coordinator”, Barbara participates in faculty development and curricular redesign efforts in collaboration with the CTL, IT, distance ed and the international studies areas of the college. For the past five years she has led a writing ePortfolio initiative distinguished by a unique student digital tutor-faculty partnership, and a student eShowcase event each semester.  She is excited by the many possibilities the digital age offers, one of which is re-examining the oral/aural connection in composing and its implications for “voice” and “audience” in writing. She has been a faculty member in MassBay’s English dept/writing program for twenty-something years, and has taught the range of courses- from ESL and memoir writing, to Honors English, while primarily being focused on engaging and “bringing along” developmental writers and readers. An ongoing creative project, Skies Over Cloonkeelaun, combines images and photos with memoir writing and meditations on her 30+ year pursuit of her ancestors' story, as well as reflections on genealogy as “artful practice”.