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Payment Information for Summer 2015

MassBay makes every effort to mail bills to students who register during the times indicated in the schedule below. However, if you do not receive a bill, you are still responsible for paying tuition and fees by the specified due dates below. You may confirm your registration, amounts due, make a payment and set-up a payment plan by logging in to your Self Service account in Bay Navigator.

If you register or add a class between the following dates:  Your bill will be mailed approximately on:  Your payment is due by:  Your Registration will be cancelled on: 




April 6 - April 29, 2015April 30, 2015May 15, 2015May 26, 2015




After April 30, 2015Student Account will be available online At the time of registrationJuly 7, 2015

Tuition and Fees
Please use the chart above as a guideline for registering and paying Tuition and Fees to the College.

Financial Aid
We encourage you to apply for financial aid, as soon as possible.  For more information visit Financial Aid for detailed instructions on how to apply for financial aid.

Payment Plan
A payment plan is offered in partnership with Nelnet Business Solutions Payment Plan (NBS, FACTS).  Through the payment plan you will be able to budget tuition payments throughout the semester.  Enrollment in your choice of payment plan is just a few clicks away.  Visit Tuition Payment Plan.

Billing and Payment Policy for Summer 2015
  • Students will be allowed to register for Summer 2015 when all outstanding balances from all prior semesters have been paid. Spring registrations will be cancelled immediately for any and all checks returned for insufficient funds and declined credit card payments. The College will notify students by US Mail should this occur.
  • To avoid class cancellation for non-payment; payments must be made by personal check, credit card, third party contract, Nelnet Business Solutions Payment Plan, and/or by authorized financial aid on the payment due date or at the time of registration. Students will be notified via campus e-mail when their courses have been cancelled due to non-payment. 
  • Student services will be available only when your financial obligation to the College has been satisfied in full. These include services such as: student e-mail, Black Board access, computer labs, library, student activities, and access to the Wellness Center.
  • All waivers must be submitted by the billing due date or at the time of registration.
  • Students who voluntarily withdraw from course(s) or the College are granted a reduction of tuition and fees according to the Withdrawal Policy
  • Lack of attendance or course abandonment, does not constitute course withdrawal. Students who do not withdraw in accordance with college procedures are subject to full payment of tuition and fees.  The withdrawal date is determined by the date all forms are completed and turned into proper offices.