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Explanation of Tuition and Fees

Day Tuition
The Board of higher Education sets Day Tuition rates for each of the public colleges in Massachusetts. Each individual college bills the students and when collected, it is remitted to the Commonwealth as a general-purpose revenue. The Commonwealth appropriates maintenance funding to each campus to subsidize the cost of education for day students.


All College Fee
Local Boards of Trustees do not have tuition rate setting abilities, they do however have the ability to establish and set fees. The Board of Trustees of MassBay has established the All College Fee which pays for most of the general educational and administrative costs to operate the college. This fee also includes an allocation that helps to fund student activities.


Course/Lab Fee
Course/Lab fees help the College to defray part of the additional costs that are associated with expensive laboratory, clinical and/or technical intensive programs.


Technology Fee
This fee helps to cover the general technology available for general student-use labs, classrooms, and administrative computing.


Student Health Insurance (waivable)
Massachusetts State Law requires health insurance for all students carrying nine (9) or more credit hours. Health insurance is mandatory for all students in the Health Profession Programs regardless of the number of credits taken. Students who have their own health insurance can waive the fee by completing the online waiver form. The link is located on Bay Navigator in the Self Service, Campus Finances section.

Health Insurance

For more info, to sign up and to waive


MASSPIRG Fee (waivable)
MASSPIRG (Massachusetts Student Public Interest Research Group) is a statewide, student-directed, non-partisan organization that conducts research, advocacy, public education and service on issues such as environmental protection, clean and safe energy, consumer protection, and hunger relief issues. MASSPIRG chapters across the state pool resources and hire a staff of professionals to work with students on issues that concern us as citizens. MASSPIRG started at MassBay in 1985 when students first voted to form and fund a chapter on our campus.

MASSPIRG is directed solely by students. Day students are automatically assessed a $9.00 per semester voluntary contribution to the MassPIRG organization. Students may waive this fee by using their self-service account in Bay Navigator (formerly PeopleSoft).


Student Textbook Fund (waivable)
The Student Government Association and the MassBay Foundation have established this fund to help students defray the increasing costs of educational items such as textbooks. This fee is automatically applied to both full and part-time student bills, but can be waived by the student. For more information, including how to apply, please contact the Office of Student Development at 781-239-3142