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Alumni Council

Alumni Council 2015–2016













Donna Gladney, President
Class of 2001


Christina Bush
Class of 2011

Laurie Carlson
Class of 2008

Steven Carlson
Class of 1982


Lauren Curley
Class of 2006

Deborah Georgopoulos
Class of 1989

Damaris McLaren
Class of 2008


Osayomwanbor Obazee
Class of 2012

Scott Rohmer
Class of 1983

Arlene Tebbetts
Class of 1989


Dean Campbell

David Y. Wong


Alumni Council Emeritus













Daniel B. Juliani
Class of 1973

Katherine Tonelli
Class of 2002

Rebecca Woodworth Brodie
Class of 1995



Alumni Council Meeting Schedule and Minutes
Alumni Council Meeting Minutes — Nov. 9, 2015
Alumni Council Meeting Minutes — Sept. 14, 2015