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Alumni Association

Thank you for visiting the Massachusetts Bay Community College Alumni Web Site. We are in the process of formally organizing an active, vibrant MassBay Alumni Association. As we are organizing our leadership, we are committing ourselves to the following Mission and Strategic Objectives:  

The Mission Statement of the Association is as follows:  

"To promote the personal, academic and professional development of alumni and students to achieve their fullest potential, while working together to advance the growth and development of Massachusetts Bay Community College."  

Strategic Objectives  

  1. To assist students and alumni in the achievement of their academic and professional goals;  
  2. To foster mutually beneficial relationships between both alumni and the community for the support of the College;  
  3. To maintain communication and contacts between the College, the Alumni, current students, the Foundation Board, the College Trustees and the community-at-large;  
  4. To provide alumni on a volunteer basis to assist the college when requested;  
  5. To represent interests of alumni within the College; 
  6. To establish and promote access to services for alumni;  
  7. To acknowledge the achievements of students and alumni;  
  8. To assist in and develop revenue-generating opportunities to support the Mission;  
  9. To recognize and develop members as participants in the Association and as resources for the College;  
  10. To educate and inform current students and alumni on the opportunities and possibilities available after leaving Massachusetts Bay Community College; including, but not limited to, mentoring programs, employment opportunities and professional development initiatives; and  
  11. To lead an ethical, effective and efficient Association.  

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