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Outside Scholarships

For current and prospective MassBay students

The first step to getting financial aid is filling out the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA).

The deadline for fall semester financial aid is May 1st – so file your FAFSA today!

Go to:, and in the College Release Section be sure to List:

  • MassBay Community College
  • The MassBay federal school code number is 002171

Scholarship Search Tips:

  1. Start looking early! While searching for additional scholarships takes time and energy, it is well worth the effort, if it helps reduce tuition costs.
  2. Organize scholarship materials: Each scholarship may have a separate application deadline and specific criteria.
  3. Follow instructions and proofread: Complete the application accurately and fully. Include all required materials.
  4. Make copies of everything: If your application is lost, a copy will make it easier to resend your application.
  5. Apply early! Keep a calendar of application deadlines.

General Scholarship Search:

International Student Scholarship Search:

Scholarship Sites by Career Category:

Automotive Scholarships

Name of ScholarshipDescriptionDeadline

2017 Drive To Succeed Scholarship

General Motors is offering a GM scholarship for women pursing degrees in automotive management, business, and technical certification in automotive education. Win up to $5,000.


  • Must be female
  • Must possess a high school diploma or GED
  • Must be able to verify enrollment at the beginning of the 2017 fall term
  • Must be citizen or have ability to accept permanent emplyment in US without visa sponsorship
April 15

Environmental and Land Management

Name of ScholarshipDescriptionDeadline

ExtremeTerrain ScholarshipsOne scholarship for $3,000 will be awarded twice a year to students who are pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies, Environmental Research, Land Use, Earth and Atmosphere Studies, Sustainable Land Management, Parks and Recreation, or Sustainable Agriculture Systems. To apply, students may submit an essay by following the instructions on the website.June 15 (Fall)/October 15 (Spring)

Financial Services Industry

Name of ScholarshipDescriptionDeadline

Viking Mergers’ Entrepreneur Endorsement Scholarship

The Viking Mergers' Entrepreneur Endorsement Scholarship for $1000 is designed to help offset the costs of education for college students who have shown a demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship.

Requirements (any of the following):

  • Business, entrepreneurship, or small business management major
  • Currently operating a side business while in college
  • Involvement in a family business
  • Being involved in an activity supporting your business/career goals of entrepreneurship.
December 1

PeerFinance101 Personal Finance Scholarship

The scholarship is a $500 annual award for the best essay on good financial habits learned at home. We believe that smart money management starts at home and we want to reward families that have made it a priority.

August 1st

General Scholarships


  • Have 3.0 or higher GPA
  • More details on website
Name of ScholarshipDescriptionDeadline

Goldberg & Osborne's Don't Text & Drive Scholarship

Sponsored by the law firm of Goldberg & Osborne, The Injury Lawyers. This $1000 scholarship is to encourage students to further their education and to stress the important message for drivers not to text and drive.


  • Must be attending or planning to attend college or trade school before or during the Fall 2017 semester.
September 30

Baumgartner Undergraduate Scholarship

Baumgartner Law Firm is pleased to announce the Baumgartner Law Firm Undergraduate Scholarship for the 2017 school year. This $1000 scholarship is intended to help a student pursuing higher education. There’s no stipulation on the field of interest, geographic location or college attended for this scholarship.

August 31 Scholarship

Sponsored by This is a $2,000 annual scholarship for students in the United States.


  • Your desired college or university must be in the United States.
  • Write three short essays and submit them online.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Include first name, address, email, phone, and demonstrate your qualifications.
December 15

Concussion Awareness Scholarship

Sponsored by The Cookbook King. This monthly $1,000 scholarship promotes concussion awareness and is available to all students, not just student athletes. Also, up to the first 10 applicants of each deadline month (see below) will receive a free digital access book to The Easy College Student Cookbook with more than 900 easy recipes!

7th of every month

CreditSoup Scholarship

Sponsored by the financial firm CreditSoup, this scholarship is for any full-time student enrolled (or enrolling) at a accredited college/university within the United States for completion of a undergraduate degree and is available to all majors. $1000 for one student.


  • U.S. Citizen (or permanent resident)
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Must comply with IRS rules to qualify for the tax-free benefits
  • Must be a candidate for a degree
December 15

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship

Sponsored by the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. This scholarship for $4000 a semester is for a student that has dealt with cancer, either personally or within their family, in an an effort to help them further their eductation.

March 31/December 1

James “Rhio” O’Connor Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by Cancer Monthly. $1,000 award per month 9 times per year, Oct. thru June, application deadline is last day of each month. Essay between 700 and 1500 words dealing with what changes or improvements should be made in our healthcare system and the way we treat cancer in the U.S.

More info on webpage

Varsity Tutor Scholarship

Varsity Tutors holds a monthly $1,000 college scholarship contest where students write an essay in response to a monthly prompt. Visitors to the Varsity Tutors scholarship webpage are able to vote via social media for submitted entries. The top five entries with the most votes are reviewed by Varsity Tutors at the end of the month and one winner is subsequently chosen to receive the $1,000 college scholarship.


Lindquist Wood Edwards Annual Scholarship

We are asking students to complete a 15-question employment law quiz on the effects of employment law and share their results on social media for a chance to win $750 scholarship.


  • Complete 15-question employment law quiz and share results on Facebook.
August 1

The Sonn Law Group Scholarship

We are asking students to choose a cause, charitable organization, or other group to dedicate his or her time to in a way of giving back to the community in a meaningful way. We ask that scholarship candidates keep a log of hours, present a signed letter, and an essay summarizing your experience. The scholarship is for $750.


  • Keep a log of meaningful ways you've dedicated time to a cause or charitable organization along with signed letter/other documentation
July 15

McCormick & Murphy's Annual Scholarship

We are asking students to complete our 10 question safe driving quiz and share their results online as well as submitting a 500 word essay telling us what you learned from the safe driving quiz and what steps you’ll take to be a safer driver. The scholarship is for $750.


  • Take 10-question safe driving quick and share results on Facebook.
August 1

GoodFitnessPower Annual Scholarship

Goodfitnesspower is a website about fitness, aiming to provide basic knowledge and give reviews to help people choose the most suitable products. We realize that health plays an important role in our life. Fitness is what create and maintain health. We have offered Fitness Scholarship for university students who have passion for fitness with the prize of $1000.


  • Choose a product of fitness you like and write a review essay about it. Tell us why you chose it.
  • An essay with a minimum of 700 words and articles must be 100% unique.
June 30 Senior Volunteer Scholarship

We are offering a $1000 scholarship to an eligible student who has served as a volunteer in a senior living community within the past year. One student, who will be attending college or university in the Fall of 2017, will receive $1000 for tuition and/or books.


  • Attach a video with your volunteering story and what you've learned from it (more requirements on website)
July 15

The Bohn & Fletcher Scholarship

At Bohn & Fletcher, we highly value community service, social responsibility and promoting access to justice for all people from all walks of life. Consistent with these values, we are proud to offer a $1000 scholarship to undergraduates who have demonstrated a commitment to helping others, promoting equality and improving our communities.


  • Write an 800-1500 word essay about how you plan to use your education to serve a community.
  • Submit a 3-10 minute video of yourself describing the key points in your essay.
August 1

Comparakeet Scholarship Program

Each semester, Comparakeet gives a $1000 scholarship to one student who provides the most outstanding answer to some question that has been important to us during that time. Winning entries will be published on our blog and accredited to the writer.


  • Write a 1000-1500 word essay on the prompt. Details on site.
April 28

Redfin Scholarship

This $2,500 scholarship is a way for Redfin to help one student on his or her journey through higher education. We are looking forward to reading each submission!


  • Legal U.S. resident
  • Graduating HS senior or current freshman, sophomore, or junior in college
  • GPA 3.5 or above
  • Write a 300-500 word essay on the following prompt: "The place (or places) where we were raised often have a profound effect on who we become as adults. What effect has the community that you were raised in had on who you are today?"
  • More details on website
July 31

Fitch Law Firm Scholarship Contest

The Fitch Law Firm is honored to offer a one-time, non-renewable scholarship of $2,500.00 to one college student who wins The Fitch Law Firm 2017 Scholarship Essay Contest.


  • Proof of enrollment, age, and US legal residency.
  • Write a 1000-1500 word essay on prompt. Details on the website. (An understanding of legal documents will be helpful)
December 15

Lowenthal & Abrams’ Hospital Safety Awareness Scholarship

Submit an original, 500-word essay answering the question posed above. The Lowenthal & Abrams team will select the best entry from all submissions and award a $1000 scholarship to the winning student.


  • Write 500 word essay on the following prompt: "What Law or Laws Would You Create to Make Hospitals Safer?"
  • More details on website
December 1

Beauty + Wellness Scholarship

Our scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to female college students who are leading healthy lifestyles. Students are asked to write a brief 500 word essay on their experiences maintaining health + wellness while enrolled in college. The scholarship is for $500.


  • Must be a US Citizen
  • Must be graduating high school or current undergraduate
  • Must be female
  • More details on website
September 30

Sutliff & Stout Annual Scholarship

In an effort to reduce the devastating consequences of distracted driving among young drivers, the auto accident lawyers at Sutliff & Stout are offering a $2,500 scholarship to students.


  • Must be graduating high school or current undergraduate
  • More details on website
August 14

17oxen Internet Marketing Scholarship

17oxen offers latest gadgets reviews and products guides in various categories and helping end users to find the best quality products in no time. Simply write an article of 500-1000 words on the topic of “Importance of Internet Marketing in 2017” for a chance to be awarded a $1000 scholarship.


  • A unique 500-1000 word essay on the "Importance of Internet Marketing"
  • Be a high school senior or currently enrolled in college, trade school, or university
December 20

Distracted Driving Prevention Scholarship

At Sabbeth Law, we focus on helping our clients recover from serious accidents. We know first hand the devastation a family can face due to another’s negligence. That’s why we are offering the Distracted Driving Prevention Scholarship. We are asking students to point out ways people can avoid car accidents altogether. We are offering students the chance to earn $1,000 towards their education.


  • Students should submit an original video under 3 minutes in length.
  • Be a high school senior or currently enrolled in college, trade school, or university
December 15

Izenda Embedded BI & Analytics Scholarship

The Izenda Embedded BI & Analytics Scholarship is a selective, $1,000 scholarship for outstanding undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled in an accredited U.S. college or university. Founded in 2015, the scholarship awards one student a year pursuing a career in leveraging analytics to improve decision making and outcomes in the U.S.


  • Complete scholarship application
  • Be currently enrolled in college or university
March 31, 2018

Travel Essay Scholarship Contest is offering a $1000 scholarship for fall and spring semesters. Interested students should apply on the website with a 700-1000 word essay about a travel related experience or topic. The winning essay will be featured on the blog


  • Be currently enrolled in an accredited university
August 1/November 13

Zenaptic Chiropractic Scholarship

Dr. Troy Dreiling and Zenaptic Chiropractic are proud to announce the 1st annual Zenaptic Chiropractic Scholarship! This scholarship was created with college students in mind. Applicants will be required to answer a simple question and the winner will be selected by a committee by the end of May, 2018. One winner will be selected and receive $1000 towards higher education.


  • Be currently enrolled in or accepted to a college or university
May 1, 2018

Law Scholarships

Name of ScholarshipDescriptionDeadline

Baumgartner Law Firm Law Student Scholarship Application

The Baumgartner Law Firm is pleased to offer an annual law student scholarship for $3000 to needy individuals to who are enrolled at an accredited Law School in the US.


  • Must be enrolled or applying to accredited law school (scholarship will only be awarded to someone accepted or enrolled at time of scholarship selection)
August 31

Nursing and Medical/Clinical Scholarships

Name of ScholarshipDescriptionDeadline

The MetroWest Health Foundation - Health Professions Scholarship

The MetroWest Health Foundation provides scholarships to students who are residents of one of the 25 towns in our MetroWest service area. Students must be accepted into an eligible nursing, medical, or clinical program at an accredited academic institution. Tuition scholarships are awarded for a maximum of $2,000 per academic year. Applicants are eligible to reapply on an annual basis. The maximum amount of scholarship assistance the foundation will provide to an individual is $8,000.


  • Must be a resident of one of the 25 towns in the MetroWest service area (list on website)
  • Must be accepted into eligble nursing, medical, or clinical program at accredited academic institution.

April 15 - May 31

October 15 - November 30

Real Estate

Name of ScholarshipDescriptionDeadline

Real Estate Scholarship OpportunityLexington MA Realtor Jonathan de Araujo at Century 21 Commonwealth is committed to continuing efforts to help students who have the ambition and drive to succeed. He is sponsoring an annual scholarship of $1,000 to award one College student with the financial assistance to accomplish their educational goals and prepare for future potential career aspirations related to Real Estate.


  • Must be pursuing a career related to a career in real estate such as: Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Management, Real Estate Finance. Real Estate Development, Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate Planning Real Estate Law, Finance, Accounting, and potentially other fields of study related to Real Estate.
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
November 1

Single Mothers

Name of ScholarshipDescriptionDeadline

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers’ Annual Single Mother Scholarship

Awarding two $1000 scholarships to single mothers - one enrolled in a US under-graduate program and one enrolled in law school. Applicants should submit a 500 word essay detailing how motherhood has prepared them for the challenges they encounter in school.


  • Must be a mother attending school
  • Must have GPA of at least 3.0
December 5

STEM Scholarships

Name of ScholarshipDescriptionDeadline

Ecommerce Marketing and Technology Science Scholarship

We’re looking for scholarship applicants to write a 500-word essay on the following: How can great marketing impact the world? What have you done to showcase your passion for building and marketing new products, whether it be through a past internship or working on a new online business in your garage? Scholarship: $2,000.


  • A PDF or image copy of your current student ID (make sure it's not expired)
  • A 500-word (or less) essay which answers the questions we outlined above. Once again, please include any designs, sketches, drawings or other materials that might strengthen your application.
  • Must be a US citizen.
Submissions open on September 15, 2017
Application deadline: September 30, 2017
Scholarship winner announced: October 15, 2017
Submissions re-open November 1, 2017
Application deadline: November 15, 2017
Scholarship winner announced: November 30, 2017
Name of ScholarshipDescriptionDeadline

ESET Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship

At ESET, we believe that diversity is key for the success of any great company and community. ESET will award a $5,000 scholarship to a woman who is pursuing a college-level degree and aspires to have a career in cybersecurity.


  • Must be a woman enrolled in or accepted to an accredited undergraduate or graduate program in the US.
  • Must have at least a 3.0 GPA.
  • Must be a US citizen.
March 15

Veteran Scholarships

Name of ScholarshipDescriptionDeadline

Van Sant's Veterans’ Educational Scholarship Program

Van Sant Law is offering an annual $1,000 scholarship.

To Apply: Please email the required documents to


  • Must be a veteran of the US Armed Forces with an Honorable Discharge
  • Copy of your military record (DD Form 214).
  • Copy of your student ID or other proof of college enrollment.
  • A 500-word essay outlining your experience in the military and your educational goals.
June 15

Disclaimer: Please be advised that the outside scholarship resources provided are not in any way associated with or endorsed by MassBay Community College. Students seeking these resources do so independently and the resources provided by the College are for information purposes only.